Sunday, July 6, 2014

Uganda Team 16 Update

So, we made it!!  After about 28 hours of travel we finally made it to Suubi house...
A little scare at the airport when they had lost 2 of our teams bags (along with many others on the plane) only to realise that they had 'misplaced' a container of baggage somewhere at the airport!!  All the baggage loaded we hit the road in the bus and headed to Jinja.
Oh and by the way, Sue, Stan and Andrew scored an upgrade to Business class for the leg form Dubai to Entebbe which made Daniel think he is destined never to get upgraded regardless of how much he prays!!!
We just had a great meal of beans, rice, Irish potatoes, and green beans, so now there are a bunch of bleary eyed, over tired people staring at their screens using the first internet for a 'whole' 28 hours...!!!
Please pray for the team as we settle and get into the program we have set out. Pray for health and safety as we don't want to take that for granted!
Anyway, its time to get shower and get some sleep... check out the photos below, and check in to see more as we go.

On our way in the bus

Ready to unload

Suubi.. luggage unlaoded

YUM...  Supper

Satisfied and ready to sleep

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