Tuesday, August 11, 2015

From Village of Hope .........Hello to all

To all our lovely readers and supporters,.. we first of all apologize for the last few weeks we last updated our blog. A lot of office paper work stuff has been taking most of our time BUT here we are!
Village of Hope as usual is doing well and enjoyable by every body. Children are well and this very week all of them are getting their second Term holidays for one month.
Pre-School ones have already received their Report cards and the performance is very impressive.
For candidates we have 2 in S.4 and 3 in P.7 who are finishing their mock exams today. Oh... let not forget this , our girl Peace has officially graduated and her Transcript copy is already in our office, she thanks  Hope Builders for shaping her future.
Our mothers are fine and are all committed to their work, and thankful to God for being part of Hope Builders.
Laying birds are now 2 months old and they growing up steadily.
For this weekend ,since most of the kids are through with their papers, it was full of play and little work...... From a football match between the Young Boys Team and unrated Girls, this was so exciting to see girls kicking the ball in the air ,and scoring some goals though boys took the day's win..     For others, bicycle riding was their resort as they enjoy the rides on the Village terrain with bicycles from the Newest container where now each House has a bike.
This was all crowned up with presents from the container (clothes, toys, shoes) which were given out to those whom they fit.......... 'that was  our weekend well spent.. See it down in Photos
Thanks to all our supporters for the unending generosity.
foot ball match

Ready for a ride

cleaning for a movie night

Happy for Holidays

See my beautiful toy

Growing up layers

in our new tops

Nice jacket Doreen

Irene in her new sweater

Peace and mother on grad

sorted ready to give away