Saturday, August 25, 2018

Greetings to every one in the name of the Almighty God. We are glad yet again to update you about the Village Of Hope .The whole situation in normal because every thing is moving on well and as expected. Children have started getting report card that mark the end of the second academic term of this year, while the secondary students will receive report cards on Monday 27th/August/ 2018 and after that they will fully embark on spending their holidays well and meaningfully because the staff is ready to help the children in their weak areas academics .
On Monday this week at around 5:15 pm we held a fare well party that saw us say bye to Mama LOIS who has been one of the pioneer mothers who joined the Village Of Hope  in 2009 with the very first lot of the children who joined the Village.Their was a lot of speeches from various speakers and every one that stood to speak thanked mama Lois for serving God from Village of Hope faithfully.Many people thanked her for being an exemplary mother by teaching children several things in life and above all teaching children to love Christ because some of the children she had from the beginning were Muslims but she took it upon her to teach them morals of Christianity .
The children that currently stay in house 7 and those that she cared for in the beginning became so emotional as we reached a time of praying for her that God should protect her as she leaves,this did not only happen to the children but also to the mothers  and it was a sign to show how much she would be missed from the Village.
Now Mama Lois is happily living in Butaleja district in her newly constructed house .A house constructed by Hope Builders International as a token of appreciation for serving in the Village for that good time. 
     See some few pics bellow,

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Hallow to every one,We send you greetings in the name of the most high GOD.Its with great pleasure that we get to update you about some activities taking place in Village Of Hope.The general situation around the village is good. The children have been working hard in their books at school through out this entire term because some are already through with the exams that closes the term, like our children from pre-school are back and already enjoying the holidays, the primary children are starting their exams on Thursday 16th/August/2018 , the children in secondary are finalizing with their exams on Thursday 16th/August/2018 whereas the S.4 candidates are already back at the village after finishing their exams too.The farm is also doing well and we are hopping the new calves so soon. 
In the effort to make sure that Village Of Hope becomes financially sustainable, the poultry project is on going and with the help of some staff and mama Kevin we are so optimistic that the outcomes will be so amazing, impressing and by so doing the funds collected there after will at least be able to make the Villlage self sustainable to a small extent.
The horticulture project also started some time back and now its with great happiness that i tell now that the Village is happily enjoying green vegetables from our gardens and this is also one of our objectives to stop bringing in green vegetables from out side the Village but instead get them from our own gardens and this is planned to for a long term basis.
Having joined Village of Hope in 2009 in house one with mama Lois , John has grown up under the care and support of HOPE builders International .He has been supported through out his entire education life right from primary,secondary till he reached the tertiary institute and John attained a certificate in motor vehicle mechanics .The board and staff of village of hope we are very happy to now see off John ready to join the world of the working people.We hope that he will be able to sustain him self in every aspect of life since he has been boasted with a tool box to allow him  compete for jobs in his area of qualification..

 collected by SAMUEL.