Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 11 already! We started the day with a bit of a sleep in, which was lovely. Followed by the usual rolex’s (egg omelet’s wrapped in chapatti) for breakfast on the roof. Nat led devotions this morning and shared about what God has been teaching her and led the group in a worship song. What a great way to start the day!

We were then joined on the roof by Luke. Luke is an Aussie who is currently living in Uganda with his wife Agnes. Luke runs YSU (youth support Uganda) and is also Ash’s older brother. He shared his story that has lead him to where he is now with. YSU is a part of Hope Builders and has grown to what it is today over the last four years. YSU runs a number of programs within the community, but the main one we heard about involved young women. Women from the community are taught tailoring and business management skills over a 6 month period. Luke and his fellow YSU people go out and find women without skills to support themselves and offer them a place in the program. The skills learnt provide these women with the means to get out of the oppressive situations they are in. YSU are currently renting a house not far from Suubi House.

So after Luke told his story we headed down to the YSU house. The women in the current program were there and did a drama and dance for us. Andrew was picked out and showed of his hip shaking skills? The girls then each shared a part of their story. This group have just finished their program with YSU and the awesome thing is they have already decided instead of going their own separate ways they are starting a business together. The women have worked out their individual roles and detailed business plans. It was such a blessing to hear about the incredible changes taking place in their lives due to the work of YSU. We then got to have a go at sewing, they didn’t trust us with real material, so we tried with paper and no thread! It was very tricky on the old singer sewing machines! YSU has recently purchased a block of land to purpose build a place where they can increase their work. We all squished into the van and headed over to the property. It’s in an area of the community where there is a big need in the community for youth support. We broke off into pairs and spent some time praying and hearing from God about his awesome plans for the land. The main message a lot of the group got was that it would be a safe haven for young people, and a place of healing. We then joined together and prayed over the land. This was something that two team members Nat and Tiff remember doing over some land over two years ago on their previous trip to Uganda, and coming back this time they have seen Jinja Christian School built there being a blessing to the community. Powerful stuff! Sue wrote down a lot of what was said to leave as encouragement for Luke and his YSU colleagues. 

We then piled back in the van and back to Suubi house for lunch. Power was off so Andrew and Sue made a trip to the market to pick up some vegie samosa and Ugandan donuts, yum!
The afternoon consisted of a very competitive volleyball game against the Hope Community secondary school. As we arrived at the school the holes were being dug for the net and the game began. 6 versus 6, with our team rotating so everyone could have a go. Jen started off as ref, which was an extremely stressful job, both sides got heated at times when the ball landed on the line! The Ugandans started off in the lead, but us Aussies soon caught up, with them just winning the first game! We improved (or the Ugandans got tired), and we won the second game. There was a big audience, and it was a fun afternoon of somewhat friendly competition(at times it was very heated!). It was good to chat to the youths and hear about their favourite subjects and what they want to do in the future. They are so passionate and thankful to be able to go to school and it is such a blessing to know God has provided them with the opportunity to do so.  

We finished the day back at Suubi house with a delicious dinner of spaghetti bolognaise!
And that was the day,

Luke, telling his story..

Sewing ladies dancing for us

Stan's a natural!!

Nat's surprised... 'it worked'!!!

Ready to dominate!

Strategy moment!!  (didn't help!)

Praying for YSU new land!

All for one.... well that's what we thought!!

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Johann said...

What a fantastic day!! Thanks for sharing it yet again... I can only imagine the heated volleyball game.. haha and its not because of the weather - did the Director get onto the court :) Great to hear about the YSU visit and your prayer over the land... prayer really does move mountains - hey Stan looks more comfortable behind a welder than a sewing machine :) Thanks again for the awesome updates!!!!