Wednesday, June 30, 2010

After rain yesterday and no water (ironic hey) slowing us down, we got right into it today and layed bricks flat out this morning. It's hot here at the moment and the team is having a well earned lunch break and a few cold 'sodas'! This afternoon as few of the tem will go and pray for a few sick people that are in quite a bad way. We're hoping we can bring healing and encouragement to them. Apart froma few headaches and tummy upsets, the team is doing well. We are enjoying Africa and especially the attention from and fun with the children. Check out the photos form this morning!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

The photos in order.......................
Team breakfast time... Rolex's... can't get a better breakfast at the Hilton!!!
House 3 has it's beginnings!!! exciting!

Matt & Teagan sifting dirt for the 'majenga' mix... It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it!!

Chris and Aydan setting out the slab for the 4th house...... Now for someone to dig it all???

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm sitting here at "Flavours", a cafe in Jinja town where you can get a decent coffee and internet that goes a little faster than snail mail... It just rained and now the sun is out.... steamy!We went to church this morning with the children from our village. The service went ofr 3 hurs so some of us had sore hands from all the clapping, some sore butts from the benches and yet some of us sore voices form all the singing and cheering!! It was so nice to see the children from Village of Hope sing and do items in church as well as see them pray and intercede with passion and power. Hmm... perhaps we have things to learn!!
We had our first team meeting last night to see how we are all tracking and what our impressions are of the country and the village. It was so encouraging to hear how full of faith each team member is, and the expectations we have for our time here. God has been so good already... We had a great prayer time for each other and were able to encourage one another.
We feel as though God wants to use us for healing while we are here. We have had a number of words to that effect, so our (spiritual) eyes are peeled!!
We appreciate the prayers of all at home. Please pass on the Blog address to those who'd like updates. I'm hoping to upload a few photos in the next day or so.

Blessings........Team 6
Today began with a fresh load of bricks and a ready team! After yet another hearty breakfast of “rolexes” we got into the work. Chris & Aydan have done a great job of setting out the footings for the 4th house with a bit of help from locals and Adam & Matt together with some local guys have started laying bricks on the 3rd house! It's fantastic to see the house taking shape in just a few courses! The girls finished organizing the tool and equipment shed (how many of us guys would let girls do that to our sheds at home!!), and now we can see what we've got and how many of them! This afternoon the girls spent time fitting out the children with 'new' clothes out of the container. The excitement in the kids was full on! Robert is back and we were able to do many preparation type things both on the site and in town today too. Tonight we had a team get together and we're all so full of excitement and faith for the coming weeks. Tomorrow we'll be off to church with the children then have a lazy afternoon in town.,
We appreciate all your prayers and support. Please keep praying that God will use us and grow us as we serve Him here!!

We made it!!!

After about 30 odd hours of travel we arrived in Uganda!
We were settled into our accommodation at YWAM and spent a few hours catching our breath and setting up our rooms.
The first night was spent visiting the kids at Village of Hope and having dinner with them... our first African dinner!! the children had been waiting all day to see us and were so excited. We played with them till we ran out of steam (pretty quickly!) then went off to see if we could get some well deserved rest.
Bright and early Friday morning we got to the building site to survey the job ahead. Of course we could only do the work with our stomachs filled with "rolexes". These are delicious african chappatis with egg, tomato, cpsicum and onion rolled into a filling roll. Those and a cup of coffee or tea helps to get going. (if slowly at first due to the larger stomach!) The girls set about attacking the storage shed and documenting all the tools, equipment and supplies. A battle was had with the remains of dead rats and the result of thir lives in the shed! The boys got started with setting out the 4th slab and preparing the 3rd slab for bricks. This went on till lunch. After another hearty meal at YWAM we went into town to check out the sights and smells of Jinja. A few hours of discovery and checking it out was completed at the Source Cafe for a great coffee or fresh juice. Then back to YWAM. Robert arrived back this evening from Nairobi witht he bitumen, so we'll look forward toa full day of work tomorrow...
The team are doing well and are all in great spirits. We are comfortable and keeping healthy. We are having a great time with the children and are excited for what God has for us over the next few weeks....
Please keep us in your prayers for health, safety and protection.....
Till next time...

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's less than 2 days now till we leave as a team for Jinja! The excitement level is high. We were prayed over and commissioned by our church yesterday, and it's so great to know that we have prayer covering! For those of you that follow the blog we'd like to ask you to continue to pray for us during our time, for the team coming after us and of course for the children, mothers and our wonderful staff (Robert and Ivan). Our prayer is that we will have a productive and fruitful time whilst we are there and the God would use us..... Next post.... from Uganda!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June Uganda team

This is the team that is coming in just over 2 weeks!! We are all looking forward to seeing all the children and both of the mothers. We look forward to being able to contribute to the building work and the children's lives. Please pray for us in our last minute preparations and for our journey to being in Uganda. Pray for safe travel and a sickness free time in Uganda too.

the village

recently we got additions to the village of hope! the number of animals is growing..these goat kids are cross breeds...the kids are always around them.

paul holding another kid,shes been so playing at the site,u have to watch her lest she eats all the spinach(thats her favorite) from the vegetable gardens:)
pray that we get a very big piece of land for a farm and growing more vegetables and food for the village, its possible!!!

these are lovely sisters Ida Svenson from mombasa kenya and Emily Klitzsch,they are visiting ywam and they have been with us for 2 weeks,they will be leaving on friday, they have been assisting kids in their home work!!! they have been a great blessing to village of hope. keep them in your prayers!!

Eli's farewell

its been one week since miss Eli left for Austria..she had been with us since february!! during this time we saw a big change in the perfomance of our kids! she had been a great blessing to village of hope. The kids greatly miss her.
we greatly thank God for bringing us closer to YWAM(youth with a mission),it has been a great blessing to our children and we hope this healthy relationship will grow!!

Here are some pics of the last dinner we had with her!!!
here Eli was sharing the gifts with the kids plus a special message for each child!

mama lois watches as fiona puts a necklace round eli's neck...

mama agnes adds another necklace onto eli

here she was sharing a meal with the kids.