Friday, June 17, 2016

Celebrating the African Child, As School Begins

Hello There',
Here in Uganda, we began our second term studies last week, and as i write, all Village of Hope Children are in School in their respective levels with all scholastic s paid... Many thanks to God for using his people endeavoring to see children having a bright future.
All children are happy to be back to school and promise to perform better than last term,'We thank God for the good health while in Holidays and pray for the same this term.

About CHILDREN still, every 16/ June of each year, we celebrate the Day of the African Child in commemoration of children who died in Soweto South Africa who were advocating for their rights. For Jinja District, Uganda Hope Builders International was chosen to be on the organizing committee and arrange for presentations at Help International Project in Walukuba Masese. We accepted to be and of course organized our Children for presentations in forme of songs and poem relating to the year's Theme: Protecting the Rights of Children  A call For Action to ALL.
The occasion was graced by a number of dignitaries from Local Government like the LC5 Chairperson, who heads Jinja District, the Mayor ,R D C(Office of the President) and many others,..A big number of Children from Schools and NGOs' with a band leading the procession.
Our children's presentations were very impressive with the help of Jinja Christian School's Teachers Rachael and Jessica, in the training, we managed to present the best poem related to the theme.  Also our Hope Builders and After School Club Uniforms were admired by many,!!!

That was our day yesterday and made it to the village at 3;00PM with Joy...........Thanks to every Hope Builder
Ivan.................See Celebrations in PICS down

voh children to School, community ones no

ready for new term

arrival for DAC celebrations

In Action

Voh children watching other presenters

Procession into the celeb point

presenters showing their skills

still in action with a poem

we say protect children's rights

this is to certify we attended