Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 Christmas at V.O.H

It was  a good time full of joy on the day of remembering the day our Saviour was born. From watching JESUS' Film  on 24th on our Projector..for the New Children ,it was their first time to watch Jesus' film and more so on the big screen.
On Christmas day, it was a mourning of lots of cooking, preparing for Church all in their New clothes and Shoes and lots of excitement especially from the Children and the Mothers in their New Gomesi (traditional wear) all provided by Hope Builders International.. The service started at 10:00 am and ended at 1:30pm ,headed home for the Great Lunch prepared by the mothers and the big girls served in the Main shade with lots of Sodas, Music , pausing for photos and many others.
After lunch, it was time for a day out, little ones went for movies at Miracle Center , i went with rest at Town Hall for a gospel Family Show,....... We had a good time with Boys and girls and i was soo Happy to celebrate X-MAS while building Hope in all most Hundreds of Children at V.O.H.
Big THANKS to all Hope Builders esp our Directors for making this happen...We are Breaking the Cycle of Poverty. See our X-mas in photos..

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Schoolies Revolution 4's Last Days in Uganda

Our last days with the Schoolies Team 4 were indeed a blessing to us all at Village of Hope and Uganda at large. Lots of  Humanitarian activities from Building a whole House for the next 8 orphans and a widow,visiting the female's prison blessing them with bibilical teachings and gifts, visiting the slums to the most vulnerable families ,sharing with them and offering them gifts, a football match on Monday which ended in favor of African Builders...........Thank you Schoolies for the missionary work in Africa'
On Sunday we (admin and Directors) were treated to a dinner with the Team members at All Friends restuarant and this was a wonderful moment to enjoy with lots of eats and drinks.
Team and Children's side, it was lots of stories when the team and children went to King Fisher for swimming, it was a good time, very joyous and full of exploring.....from the Nile bridge ,Owen falls Dam and other features which some had never seen.
All the above was wrapped up by a farewell party at the Village Shade ,this ranged from cultural dances, songs(in particular an Aus Traditional Presentation), speeches , award of certificates , and lots of Sodas and snacks.......
Again Thanks to Hope Builders International...... in the fight to Break the Cycle of Poverty.
in Kika slums

slum children could not let members leave

Game on at JCS Play ground

high table dinner

enjoying the pool swim at King fisher

Hope of Uganda's showcase

Aus traditional song in progress

Ice Cream after a swim

its all joyful

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Schoolies Revolution SR14 - staying in touch!

To stay in touch with the fourth Schoolies Revolution team in Uganda check out the blog... you can also check out the SR teams in India/Sri Lanka  as well as the Solomon Islands.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

HBI Schoolies Revolution Team 4 in Uganda!!

At noon , Team 4 (Schoolies) landed at Entebbe Air port in Uganda. All are well and pretty much excited to reach at Village of Hope to be part of Hope Builders.
They boarded the Bus to Jinja .....which Johann called a short journey may be because he is used to it, but to our first time Visitors it was a bit long.
We finally made it to Suubi House by six o'clock ,loaded off the laggage and no one could sleep well  before going to the Village though it it was getting dark in a few minutes.
Today morning at 9am, the Team arrived at the Village to start on House 12 ,started with fetching bricks, laying the first layer from the slab helped by the African Hope Builders. This happened in half day since in the evening they are going to run about Jinja town to get to know it more..
Team 4 has designed a number of programs to run in the 2 or more weeks in Uganda, visiting the community schools, Home of Hope ,Luke's project (Youth Support Uganda) ,the Kikaramoja slums, the females' prison and on top of that Building House 12.
Lets all believe God for the Team's Health and safety while it helps Break the Cycle of Poverty in Uganda.....Goooooo Schoolies go...
heading to the Village last evening

time to on the work

African builders doing the first layer

i see..all is getting well

we've come to make it

all around is done

Sunday, November 9, 2014

2 Brand New Families in the Village of Hope

Yesterday was a day some children and thier Guardians will never for get. We went to the slums and picked those Children who went through after collaborating with the Local Council officers to fulfill legal issues....They are now at the Village as i post this, these are to occupy Houses 9,10 under the care of New mothers (Mama Monica, and Mama Petwa).
The children are so happy to be in the Village, met other friends, comfortably living ..although some feared to sleep on a bed with a mattress and a mosquito net.
They are happy on swings, round games ,football and all other sorts of games. Let us all Welcome the New Families to the Village.............'All this is done to help Break the Cycle of Poverty.
See it in Pictures below..
children hearing their names

at the community Hall

after collecting them

saying bye to relatives nd LC OFFICERS

Guardian saying bye

Now at the excited

their new living room

Sunday, November 2, 2014

From The Village of Hope Uganda......

Warm greetings all our readers, we are doing well, God has given good health and safety.
Our Candidates in P7 (Jane ,Joshua, Brenda Little, Carol, and Phiona) are sitting their National Examnations on Monday next week ....Lets believe God for success.The S4s are remained with only 1paper each, we thank God they are allmost through .
The other children are going on well with their Third Term remaining with one month to have holidays.
Village Micro projects are growing day after day;the Posho mill is now operating more buying maize flour in shops"So exciting. Safe water is now available at all Village points from the BOREHOLE at the time of
posting this. This is pumped by a solar powered water pump!!
This week has involved interviewing the New Mothers who are to take care of the New Children coming soon. Mothers who will qualify are reporting next week.
Just a REMINDER', November Team will be in Uganda in 3wks time,we can't wait to see them at the Village endeavoring to Break the Cycle of Poverty......You are all welcome Team17 .
For the coming Team, ' the foundation where you will BUILD a house to house 16 orphans and a widow is under construction at the time i write this!! You'll find a slab ready to be laid on bricks.
We Love  you all Hope Builders.

P7 candidates

 Now there's Enough water to wash

House 12 slab underway

we now manufacture maize flour

final touches of the borehole

solar panel to run water pump(installation)

ready to tap solar Energy

materials for hse 12 slab

Monday, October 13, 2014

S.4s In National Exams, V.O.H is doing well.

It's a good morning in Uganda, our children (Brenda and Samuel) in S.4(class12) are starting their National Exams at Hope community High School.Lets pray for  wisdom good health and safety during the examination period.Last week on  11-sept we had a special Visitation Day  for them (s4s) and wished them success.
Back at the Village , work is going on well , children are busy with their studies ,mothers are well and caring for the children.People at the Village enjoy weekend movies on the Projector, discipleship classes go on for the big Girls and Boys ,Luke and Agnes are helping us.
In a few weeks to come ,we shall bring in New Children (16) and 2 mothers to fill Houses 9 and 10 as they are now equipped with what's required.
Poultry project is going on well, the Krouiler Chickens are growing well, we are in final preparations for booking hundreds of broilers for X-Mas season.
In November 2014, another new House is to be built by the coming Team, we have prepared Blocks to have HOUSE 12 in place.
The Posho mill is just a few steps to begin milling consumable posho for the Village and Animal feeds.All the remaining things are being installed.
The cattle shade is now operational the Feed Troughs are now installed ,the Animals can feed in their different cabins.
Thanks Hope Builders for the Support, together we shall

Break the Cycle of Poverty.