Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Hi to every one,
We are greeting you in the name of Lord Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. This is to inform you that the Village is doing very well and that every thing is moving on very well and as expected.Our children have been in for holidays in which they have been so busy doing various things like reading their books, helping the mothers with some work as they also learn ,involving them selves in the church programs,playing some good games like net ball and football which also helps the children to develop their talents.The social workers have been so pivotal in helping the kids to play and discover their own talents of their own interests.
Now that the holiday is over, all our children are back to their respective schools and those in the boarding section section already reported on the very first day as they were instructed at the end of term and they have already started serious book work. As it it is a policy in some schools to test the students at every beginning of term to see whether they have been reading books or not and so it is now to our students ,they are in for beginning of term examinations and we are very hopeful for good results depending on how serous they have been with their books.
With the help of the children who have been in the holiday,we have been able to clear the gardens and make a nursery bed so as to start the hot culture project that will be able to supply the village with green vegetables for along period of time.
We want to thank every one who participated in the "GO THE EXTRA MILE" The event that was organised so as to see us back here in Uganda and Village Of Hope at large that we we have a smooth running in each and every thing. Back here at the Village we were together with you people in prayers  because a day before the event , the entire village converged together pray to the Almighty to make the event successful.
               Compiled by Nyiro Samuel.

boys after a having football training  and the girls playing netball

Children helping the mothers with some work