Monday, October 13, 2014

S.4s In National Exams, V.O.H is doing well.

It's a good morning in Uganda, our children (Brenda and Samuel) in S.4(class12) are starting their National Exams at Hope community High School.Lets pray for  wisdom good health and safety during the examination period.Last week on  11-sept we had a special Visitation Day  for them (s4s) and wished them success.
Back at the Village , work is going on well , children are busy with their studies ,mothers are well and caring for the children.People at the Village enjoy weekend movies on the Projector, discipleship classes go on for the big Girls and Boys ,Luke and Agnes are helping us.
In a few weeks to come ,we shall bring in New Children (16) and 2 mothers to fill Houses 9 and 10 as they are now equipped with what's required.
Poultry project is going on well, the Krouiler Chickens are growing well, we are in final preparations for booking hundreds of broilers for X-Mas season.
In November 2014, another new House is to be built by the coming Team, we have prepared Blocks to have HOUSE 12 in place.
The Posho mill is just a few steps to begin milling consumable posho for the Village and Animal feeds.All the remaining things are being installed.
The cattle shade is now operational the Feed Troughs are now installed ,the Animals can feed in their different cabins.
Thanks Hope Builders for the Support, together we shall

Break the Cycle of Poverty.