Friday, July 18, 2014

After a couple of days off work, today was back to an early start. We enjoyed another morning of rolex’s and chapattis as the rafting people compared bruises and sunburn marks. Stan lead us with devotions about how God is in control of our lives, with unique plans for each one of us and how everything in our lives happen for a reason. It was back to work on the house, which is looking great and progressed so far! Seeing the walls built up high has made it more real to imagine that one day it will house 8 children and a Mama, what an awesome privilege it is to be apart of!  More walls were built up and windows were painted, it wont be long now until completion.

Coming back to Suubi house we enjoyed another lunch prepared by our amazing chefs and even some freshly squeezed juice. After a bit of a break we headed out to Jinja Christian school down the road to play with some of the kiddies. Here we met Ron and Anne and were given a brief tour of the school. It was so great to see, especially for some of the schoolies girls who had been there and prayed for it over 2 years ago when it was still an empty, bushy block of land.  How much it has grown since then!  Then it was play time! The P1, P2 and P3 kids were handed over to us and we split into 3 different groups. Each group took turns playing netball, soccer and tunnel ball/over and under ball. What a great time it was! Tunnel ball soon turned into a “Whats the time Mr Wolf” game, which was a favorite among the kids.

After a energetic hour playing, the kids gathered to sing us their school song and performed some of their church songs, what a treat! We were shown by Anne the classrooms in the school and told a bit more about education in Uganda. Joining Ron and Anne in the staff room, we shared in some sodas and home-baked treats (brownies! mmmmm!) and listened to the story of Jinja Christian School. It was so great to hear the story behind where the passion and dedication came from and how the school is doing a great job to help change the education system and give the children all they need.  It was very inspirational.

Whilst some of the team members went out for tea, the rest of us shared in a delicious meal and some very interesting dinner table conversations.  

Them walls are almost there!

Kids galore!!

Future Uganda Cranes!!

Under, and over....


What's the time Mr Wolf? ..  Dinner time!!

Where's the ball??

A typical P1 Classroom..

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