Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1st week of jan

smile mother after she receives her apron.

all young girls with their new clothes for last Christmas and year eve.with different looks and big smiles.

Young boy on stage with suites and smart clothes at new eve .

Big boys with smile on their faces in Christmas clothes..Thank you Lord .

Girls ready for photo with smart clothes

Team and entire village having outing on 1st 2012 @ jinja christian center getting a bottle of soda .

The little ones refreshing a soda after watching different musician at JCC .

mothers,farmer's,team and children enjoying gospel musician presenting on the stage.

Mother's w/shop are in progress at every home for Christ in Jinja town,the yields of this w/shop can be now see in lives of our mothers.

Most important decisions here was discipline ,we took almost half hour asking questions on what discipline should be and how,the teacher said,the word discipline comes from the word disciple which tells us to speak,instructor and show directions children and love not beating .

Joshua's birth day with anti Renata holding knife to cut a cake made by Milly my wife.Thank LORD

Schoolies started the farmer's house and it was not roofed but its now almost ready as you can see.only doors and windows are reminding then we have Micheal's family moving inn and thank God in new house.PRAISE GOD

This how far house 7 look like,since uncle Rob is here construction is moving so fast and some team members are so excented knowing that they built house 1 and building 7 on others side.we thank for such big development on site.


W/shops for children are in progress and we have gone1and half weeks but so far children are learning to share their feelings and their history.i wish you would hear some stories from our children in their past memories . i am planing to record some testimonies  from different kids and hear amazing stories that the Lord is doing our lovely children since we started w/shops with them.this week we'll be going town on small basis to meet other children who has been in the same life style and share what God has done in their lives.

Music has gone to great level here at the village ,kids like these one are spending most afternoon in singing,dancing and playing different installments for musical skills

In front of admin house ,what welcome is beautiful banana which measures up 2and half
fts very big and nice.welcome to admin house.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sunday Church

Through out the week uncle Rob was teaching the children the story of Daniel in the lions den All through getting them to learn a play which they performed on sunday Church.
The drama was a sucsess even after the last minute "Daniel" did not show and got a replacment, all the children acted very well and got many laughs from the church audience.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wednesday 4/01

The team has been in fifth gear all week with house number 7. Today we finshed to window level.... ITS FINISHED!! Tomorrow the welder will come to weld the steel up for the ring beem. House number 7 after a accidental slab fault is the biggest of all the houses. Just made team 11 and the locals work harder, but the house has been finshed in a week

Tonight we will be going to the village to watch a movie with the children and tomorrow afternoon we will be running a childrens programm.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Village of Hope

Village News
New Aprons for mothers

The mothers were very greatful this week as they all received new aprons from Auntie Jo in Australia. They were very much apreicated

Chicken project

The chickens are growing up and becomming hens and roosters right infront of our eyes, everyone at the village is doing a great job of raising them

Team 11 Dec-Jan

Welcome to Uganda team 11

Hi, we have finally made it to the suubi house in Uganda after what felt like a week of plane trips. We arrived here on Monday late afternoon safely, with no troubles or delays. On Monday night we went down to the village to see all those who live and work at the village of hope, and we arrived at the village with the most humbling and wonderful welcome where we shared the word of god and lots of hugs. On Tuesday we arrived at the village of hope early were we got a chance to interact and get to know the all the children and mammas. In the afternoon we had a trip into jinja to relax a little as we are still climatising to Africa. We are all thrilled with suubi house and all the resources and luxuries it provides. Tomorrow we will start building house number 7 and as team 11 we are all fired up and ready to go.

Day 2,3,4

Been very hot in Uganda the last couple of days, even the Ugandans have been sitting in the shade, not us Melbournians we were out in the scorching sun laying bricks at house number 7, after a few tool delays we got 3 courses done on the first day of building and the house now after 4 days in almost after window height and the house is starting to take shape. In the nights we had the privilege to join in on the childrens devotions at the village.