Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Village of Hope Update

Our Dear Friends,
Kind greetings from Village of Hope....In this year  2017, God is blessing us as he has always done, the Village is fine and all children started their first Term of the year.
We also Glorify God for enabling us acquire a Homes' Approval Certificate/ Permit from the Ministry of Gender Labor and Social Development .This serves to certify that we legally take care of Children according to the new Ugandan rules, we're so blessed to be one of the 23Homes in Uganda who went through.

Back at the Village, children mothers and Administrators are fine, children are at school, and mothers are carrying on with their ministry.Children and everyone enjoy the balanced diet at the project as the stuation continues to be hard for many Ugandans in terms of high food prices. At the the village, we still maintain our menu with fruits,vegetables and eggs...We thank God for this!!
Staff prayers are regularly conducted and we've seen God's hand in this as we gather and Praise,Worship, Thank and Pray to the King of Kings' mercy, provision and other requests which keep Hope Builders moving.
Another update is that we now have a new Nurse on the ground and she is at the Village 24/7. Monic Kalende  are her names and she has been working with Reproductive Health Uganda as a volunteer nurse. She is so happy to be part of Hope Builders.
As the new Term started, all High School Students received new Bags, plus all P7 candidates and are all thankful for this...
On the sad note, our partner School Hope Community High caught fire and all properties for 72 children and the whole Dormitory perished leaving them with nothing. We thank you all who have had a helping hand in ensuring that these children are helped to stay in School, may God Bless you.

Again we  thank you for Supporting God's Work here in Uganda at Village of Hope...We always see positive changes in these children.

Hope Comm High catches Fire

Fruits and Veges available atVOH even in Dry spell

The Grace after Staff Prayers

Still after Staff prayers

Monic, VOH's new Nurse

High school and P7 got new bags

Boys Dormitory destroyed by fire

By Ivan Kizito