Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Our Week was.......

Hi!,here at Village of Hope our week was more of work. Now that all candidates are done with their Exams,the business is helping mothers with some house work and the Village at large.
The Village is fine,children,mothers and every body ,it's only Betty who had a malaria fever but now she is fine.
We continue with Hope Builders' objective of raising responsible and independent living Children, this through starting as simple cleaning their compounds,chopping firewood,gardening and helping in poultry and Dairy farms.
The week has also seen climax of brick making ready for the Coming SCHOOLIES TEAM to raise a structure (House 13) which is to give accomodation for 8 new Vulnerable s and a mother.
Also to note, a foundation and all materials needed to build it are already on site.
Schoolies' Team!! everything is set,' and we praying for safe journey and stay ; in the trek of Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Uganda..God Bless You all.
Below are some Pics
compound to be cleared today

Young is good

fetching for dairy

bricks ready for House13

House13 Foundation being dug

Ready for Schoolies Team