Tuesday, September 1, 2009

sunday eve

sunday eve

susan at the village of hope.

sunday evening

kids drawing as sarah and hanna watch them

Yesterday(30th aug 2009) the village of hope yet came to life with the visit by susan,sarah and Hannah,friends from Australia. They spent Sunday evening with the children,they brought with them colours,pencils,paper for drawing and some food,fruits for the kids,susan is a great friend of the hopebuilders devoted to community development here in Uganda,. She pays us a visit once in a while ,to check on the kids.
Once again,the kids did what they love most,that is drawing, their drawings ranged from funny looking structures of men,animals to houses. I think we have very brilliant children.
I could see hope in their drawings, lets join hands to continually change the lives of these little ones.

fiona shows off her pic

the mothers thanking God,singing.

life at the village of hope.

life indeed with the children is interesting, we have all kinds of temperments here ranging from the very aggressive probably because of their past to the very reserved ones, the mothers are well aware of this and try as much as possible to make all the children feel at home.

the amazing ting is that each child has a story to tell, given the fact that some have been through alot. when it comes to displine, we are aware that sometimes a little spanking gives positive result, yet also talking to a child also brings wonderfull results, the lord giudes us in the way to bring them up.

we had a case where sam-one of the boys , who had been so naughty,bullying others, at first is now reforming after some displining, the mothers now give a good report about him

step by step we shall reach there!!!!!!