Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The houses!

The houses!

The preparations to bring in the children are under way! but we have ensured that the houses are rendered. the women are busy making this happen. rendering of houses is not something new in africa,its a practice that has been around for years.
a mixture of dung form cows,sand,mud and bitumen emulsion make up the mixture required to render the walls. from here the widows are paid to help them raise their income.
we also plan to paint the houses to make them look so beautifull.
we've also planted trees to really make the village of hope have excellence. the trees and flower will make the make come alive and bring hope!
a big thanks to the teams that made this possible! your sacrifice was not in vain!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the village of hope

today we had the friends of hope builders,bernie and group pay a visit at the village of hope,they were amazed at the great work thats taking place at the VOH. they saw the great work the ladies were doing -making bitumen bricks for the village of hope.

Bernie volunteers at a school in tanzania,they were on a tour of uganda when they decided to pass by-we came to know them through damian, i belive they had an interesting time here.
we later paid a visit to hope community high school a local secondary school that we look forward to partner with so that the kids from th evillage of hope shall have their secondary education there.

Friday, April 3, 2009

progress with the bricks

With the ladies continuing to make bitumen bricks, the site is busy, the most amazing thing is that no bitumen brick has brocken,they are intact and water proof. the teams coming will find strong and dried bricks.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Answered prayer!

the lord has been so good to us here,thanks for your prayers for divine protection, days ago a thief was caught red handed stealing an angle bar for the fence,he is now behind bars, this is a sign that the lord has been so faithfull to his servants (you)who faithfully lifted this need to God!
the fact that alot of poverty sorrounds this community which leads to a prevalence of thieves should not discourage us but should be a reason to thank God for his protection and draw us to our knees.
keep the fire burning!

more prayer points

pray that the process of regestering the kids we shall be looking after goes smoothly without complications of bribes and so on. that the lord shall favor us at all stages!

pray that like the former teams which have been here that the coming team will also touch the local community in many ways.

pray for our nation too that it will completely be free from child sacrifice and other evils that are plaguing it.

pray for dive provision for the people who would like to be part of the team coming to uganda,that the lord shall provide for their needs so that they are a blessing to us.