Tuesday, April 13, 2010


paul,sam in the middle an derrick...this pic was taken on easter day!

john with rose!!

a typical sunday at the village!!

fiona,paul,shamina.latifa and sharifa..i took this pic after the service!!

this pic was taken on easter,the kis were having lunch. thank you for making these kids lives better! a meal like this would not have been possible if these kids had not come to the village of hope, help us improve more lives so that the world becomes a better place for the children

mama lois who also doubles as a sunday school teacher at the church we are partnering with, teaches the kids in a shade of the pastors house! here kids from the community come to learn the word of God!

since we brought the kids at the village, they have always shown an interest in serving God,in this pic,jane and fiona,join the rest of the team to sing in church!
the boys-sam and his crew have their choir too!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

more pics of the site

kids in a frenzy of planting flowers,no one could stop them...they felt the admin block needed beautifying!!!

during lunch time!

shami couldnt get her hat off, they made them at their school,depicting the easter massage!!

at the swing!

racheal busy doing home work,thats what they do after lunch!

more prayer points.
thank God for the divine health of the children!
pray for the mothers,that the lord shall bless their families as they take care of our children
pray for divine protection upon the site...
pray for the teams yet to come in june..
pray for more ministries that ae yet to begin through hope builders, like the vocation school,clinic,more villages of hope..
pray for the general situation in the country that we shall have fair elections next year.
pray for wisdom as we respond to restore hope..that the lord shall bring the right people,who are ready for change.
thank God for the far he has brought hopebuilders here.
pray for hopebuilders world wide...

pics of the site

rose shys away from the camera.

here the kids had come back from school,during lunch time...the big brothers had escorted them from the gate...it rewarding when these kids by intuition help each other.....

mr fred gives instructions. he has mentored this gentleman,since fred runs a school with ywam,he has mentored this gentleman whom we hope will take over next month,we shall come to know him more and more...he will be the guy in charge.fred will always keep an eye on him.

the village from a distance

Friday, April 2, 2010

happy easter

mr frd our gardener with his counterpart,in the vegetable garden,the reason why kids haevnt fallen sick in this rainy weathermay be atributed to the fact that kids menu includes vegetables like carrots,,greens!!!

kids and and mothers praising!!

thats grace withh pals

glad tidings from uganda! thank you for your support and prayers and the great heart you have toward africa.
weve seen the village of hope going through a transition, through your great support for the work going on here,the children are nolonger bound in the cycle of poverty,they were bound in!! they are now in school,they are doing really well,at first i was worried,becasue their perfomance was very poor(they haad never been in a class room before..theres a big improvement now.
its raining here so its a planting season, as you may see from the pics,the mothers are busy planting,plus the gardener, he has done a wonderfull job.

with easter happening,the kids are looking forward to having a great time, actually paul had to remind me that mondy was still a public holiday so they wont go to school...we hhope to fox something good for them so that their easter celebration is fun!!

happy easter holidays to all of you esp our followers on the blog!! hey if these pics bless you,could you print some of them and give to the team leader of the teams coming over in june,we wd like to pin them in houses. printing them here is so expensive.
thanks lots once again!!

mama lois busy gardening..she was making more potatoe moulds!!