Monday, July 21, 2014

So, day 16……….  And 17!!!

Today was the Sunday sleep in….  So, breakfast was a leisurely affair as we prepared to go to church…
We just made it to church in time for the Bible study, which came after and hour of prayer, and is followed by at least an hour and a half of worship, ministry items, and mini sermons. BUT, we had this amazing preacher!!  Andrew..  (I had to say it since no one else would do the blog tonight!)
After church we ‘sloped’ (as they say here when you go ‘down’ to anywhere) back down to Suubi house to have a bit of lunch. Fresh rolls baked yesterday by our amazing cooks!!
From there we went up to the Village to hang out with the kids.  Some of us hung out and did hair (girls, not Daniel!), and some of the guys played a football (soccer to the uneducated!) match with the older boys of the village…    and got beaten!
We then headed home to get ready to go out and have a well earned dinner at All Friends, our favorite restaurant! 
Back home, it was all to bed to get ready for our last half day of building tomorrow….

So, no post last night, ran out of tome and got tired J

We had our last rolex and chapatti breaky this morning.. before heading off to the village to meet the builders.  We are above window height now and the house in in its final stages…. 
We finished at 12 to get ready for our regular Australians vs Ugandan soccer match. We had the illusion that we may win, BUT despite our huge effort, with Mick, Anna, and Nat our players of the match (Chetty pulled a groin muscle… least that’s what he said!), we were unsuccessful.  It was made all the more difficult for us as Ron Matheson and his 2 Australian visitors joined the Ugandan team, so we would get confused and kick to white skinned people. Unfair, we cried, but it didn’t wash!  We’re also sure that they had just a ‘few’ more on the field than us, but we fought valiantly!!
This afternoon, we begin to pack and clean, then it’s up to the village to have a farewell time with the kids, mothers and builders..
An early night tonight as we will get up at 4am, ready to head to the airport and go to Kenya… Safari, here we come..

Not sure if you’ll hear from us in the next few days, but we sure appreciate you reading about all of our different experiences….
Please keep praying for us..  We have all been well, and suffered no sickness and we’d love it to stay that way…. We would love you to pray for safe travels as we fly and drive in Kenya too.
Pray to for a great time of closing our trip together..

Check out the pics below to get an impression of the last 2 days…

The Village older girls singing

Amazing Preacher :)

Chetty's new office!!

At All Friends..

Last bit of building...

I'm hot!!!

This is how far we got!!!

Trying hard..  

We got this...... um, no we haven't!!

Go Jen!!!

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Ron M said...

Well done team. you have done a great work here, and were well loved by all of the locals.
p.s. The photos of the football match tend to dispute your inaccurate suggestion that you were outnumbered, and it was only the goalkeeper who kept kicking it to our team.
Have a great safari and a safe trip home.