Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The village.

Life in the village goes on normally! with the children safely in school,we have to be thankfull to God,weve seen the lord take us from those down moments to a once vibrant life,the jeremies are back and very fine now,the farm at the village has been going through abit of restructuring,we want to have a great farm that will see the village become self sufficient!
thanks too your prayers,jeremy and sarah's church are adding to us another cow! that will give us milk,thats what we call sustainable development, because we believe God will bless the works of our hands and build more children homes.
Today,i and luke went over to the primary school where our kids go, he is documenting the work hopebuilders is doing here,( hes doing an amazing work). i got some pics of our kids with their friends playing. its great seing these kids in school, and seing thier lives improve day by day! thanks to your support!

jane,winnie and a friend pausing for the camera.

some of our kids during break time!!

our kids having a great time out of class!

Monday, October 18, 2010

prayer request for jeremy and sarah

greetings once again! we got some sad news from jeremy and sarah, while on their way back from sipi falls(eastern uganda)where they had gone to tour, their car got involved in an accident.the vehicle they were in knocked a cyclist.. both jeremy and sarah are well but they are abit traumatised...keep them in your prayers. prayer for their driver richard,the local community nearly had him thrown into jail plus beating him up. jeremy and sarah are safe in a hotel,pray for their journey mercies back to jinja.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The village!

The village becomes a great place to live daily!! with the houses completed we are now working on the process of having the kids in!
As i informed you earlier on, the dairy cow was recently secured,she's called Ozzy!she has been a blessing already to the village,supplying milk to the village and we hope soon she will be providing an income to the village when more milk is produced, big thanks to jeremy's church, they saw the need and acted immediately,thats how Africa's problems can be solved!
Ozzy has a capacity of producing more milk! we are doing all it takes to make sure it gives us alot of milk!!
The chickens arent dissapointing too! we are optimistic that they will give the village enough eggs to make an income,an egg from a local chicken is far exp than an exotic egg!!
With all this said, we pray that the village will become more self sustainable. just as jeremy's church moved one step at a time with one cow, it takes one step, to raise money for a piece of land that will see the village grow food so that we wont need to buy food!
It also takes one step to see one more house sponsored! to see more children helped.
otherwise is well down here!

Katula the farm manager,milking ozzy!

our guard dogs! they are getting oriented to the new farm!

the revived veggie garden. a drip irrigation would really be handy to provide enough water to irrigate the garden.

ozzy in her new home.

jeremy and sarah!

Winnie,fiona and jane. Thanks for making their dreams come true!!