Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hi again from Team 7.

Today some of the team have gone rafting on the Nile, some have gone shopping in Jinja and other are enjoying a relaxing day here at YWAM.

We have been continuing to work hard laying bricks on house 4 as well as setting up solar lighting in the guard house, kitchen and admin building. We will be working on the admin building on Friday in to get it ready for Jeremy and Sarah to move into soon.

It hasn't all been hard work though, on Sunday night we went out for dinner to Gately on the Nile and enjoyed some time in the lovely gardens there. We also took Farook (one of our labourers) our for dinner on Tuesday night in celebration of his 21st birthday.

The team at Gately.

We had a little rain (massive tropical storm) on Monday morning, so the first job was to get the water out of the house. Its always fun building here when its wet as you end up with and inch of mud stuck to your boots.

Jackie and Sam working on the walls

Rob making it all work

Danny at the mixer - good job

Photos from the village.

(Shamina is too cute)


The walls in house 4 are now complete to top of door hight - well done team.
We can now focus all our attention on the admin building. We are also looking forward to taking the kids swimming on Sunday.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

More from team 7

Greeting from team 7.
We have been having fun here in Uganda, working hard but also taking time out to play with the children and see the sites.

The building work has been going at a cracking pace and we hope to complete our work on house 4 in the next few days. We can then turn our focus to completing the admin centre.
We had the opportunity to visit Joy Primary School for their devotions time and present a bible story to the kids there. Half the team did the story of Jericho with the older kids and the story of Noah's Ark was shared with the younger children.
As a team we decided to take a half day off and head to Bujagali Falls where we had a relaxing afternoon.

We have been really enjoying hanging out and getting to know the kids at the village of hope.

And work on the site continues.

Please pray for good health for all the team and that God will continue to bless the work we are doing here in Uganda.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

prayer points for you down here.

pray that the team will stay in great health while here

pray that as the team will be working,that the work they are doing will impact many people in many ways!

pray that the team spirit shall increase every day!

pray for the children yet to be brought into the houses. pray that they will be safe wherever they are till we shall get them from the cycle of poverty.

pray for the nation of uganda that the peace we are experiencing shall continue.

pray for the mothers and the children in general, that the lord will continually make them a blessing to village of hope!

pray for jeremy and his lovely wife,plus luke,who are willing to stay till November that the lord will inspire them to do bigger things in the lives of the children!!

finally we shall keep you updated on every thing happening here! thanks again for your support!!

More action pics

ibra seems to say something,with this smile!

That's Jackie making sure everything is accurate!!

team learder Rob planning!!

lynnette painting!