Saturday, June 24, 2017

From the Village's Desk

Hi to All
We wish to inform you that Village of Hope is doing well, children started their second Term of 2017, and all their fees and scholastics catered for already....many thanks for the support, as the situation in Uganda in regards to house hold incomes is appalling, a number of parents have not taken back their kids for studies.
At the end of holidays for term 1, our friends Rachael and William took the whole village out for a swim at King Fisher and we had a good time there. On our way back, it was grabbing  ice creams as usual and the children had a great time.
On 23/Jun/2017, in Jinja District, it's the day we Celebrated the Day of the African Child, held in Budondo Sub County at Budondo Primary School. Our children and many other projects and Schools participated in various activities like Poems,Songs, Drama and speeches basing on the Theme: Accelerating Protection,Empowerment and Equal Opportunities to All Children by 2030. The DAC is celebrated in Commemoration of African Children who Died in South Africa While Fighting for Freedom,,During Apartheid times.
It was an amazing day for the children as the occasion was attended by lots and lots of fellow children, Teachers, a few Parents, Local Government officials,and different project managers.
Village of Hope presented in a Poem and the children did it so well... as everyone was asking "which  school is that"!!
The celebrations also involved  a Brass Band which rotated around the venue's field and many kids followed it as it played different musical sounds.

The Day ended with Music and Meals......We boarded back at 4:00pm with children having lots of stories to tell those they left behind..
Thanks to The Lord of Lords for the good time we had and the children continued to realize that they are so blessed to be in Village of Hope basing on the situation of some of the children who were representing other schools.
at King Fisher pool

funny in the pool

Dac celebrations in Budondo

getting ready for a presentation

Lots of kids from different schools

a brass band at its best

Probation officer on the right in a group photo

ready for introductions before district Officers