Thursday, March 18, 2010

pucs of the admin block.

Its such a pleasure to know that you keenly follow events happening over here. A lot has taken place. The children send their love to all of you!!! They are doing well, with all of them at school, the mothers are busy clearing part of the land for the next planting season, am glad to inform you that this time we are eating our own potatoes grown at the village of hope. That means that if we acquired a bigger piece of land, it could be used to grow crops hence creating sustainability because soon this whole place will have over 20 houses. As you pray believe with us for a land nearby which will have a place for agriculture, vocational school and a clinic…I can see this happening!!
Stand with the village of hope to see this happen!!

prayer points
pray for divine provision
pray for the teams in june and july that the lord will use them mightly!

the admin block..

the TV is greatly treasured by the children,here they were dancing away to a gospel song.

the admin block from a distance

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

from the village with love

eli with kids teaching them how to count

here she is demonstrating how to place a game.

we bring lots of love from the village of hope, the lord has been gracious with us. the kids are doing well in school.
Apart from the mudslides in eastern Uganda which claimed hundreds of people,we are healing from this tragedy,the general situation in the country has been good.
Eli our volunteer is doing a wonderful job with the children,she makes the afternoons of the kids very interesting, here kids are engaged in lots of learning activities with the help of the mothers who translate. every tuesdays the kids have colouring and painting,Wednesday kids learn new songs,Thursdays are for crafts and handwork, and on firdays kids play games,and do memory cards...
pray for eli,that the lord will continually inspire her with new ideas!!


prayer points
pray for the village of hope in general,that this place will be a great foundation for their spiritual,and physical development.

pray that the lord shall continually inspire us as we raise up this future generation.

pray for the mothers that the lord shall give them divine wisdom as they look after the kids.

pray for the kids that we are yet to take on,that the lord will keep them,till we shall take them on.

pray for provision in all aspects,that people will stand with hopebuilders to support this great vision with their finances and time..