Friday, July 11, 2014

Just a heads up, little bit of a disclaimer, this is going to be a long one ‘cause it’s pretty close to my heart sooo, soz.

We had the classic breakfast of chapatti, rollexs & pineapple again this morning on the roof. Tiff led devotions and shared a bit about what God is doing through her this trip compared to her last trip to Uganda, and followed with the words Moses used when speaking to the Israelites in being still and trusting in God’s deliverance.

We headed down to the village and continued with our building. We’ve reached the levels of the windows, and it’s crazy to think a few days ago we we’re looking at an empty concrete slab. As hot & hard as work can get, we are all reminded that when we are finished, 8 beautiful children and a widow will be rescued from their dire circumstances and given a loving home – motivation to go forever!

Our afternoon was spent at the Home of Hope – a home for disabled children. In Uganda, giving birth to a child with a disability is seen as a curse, a sign of witchcraft or sin, and you and your child are culled from your family and community and left on your own. Edith, the founder of Home of Hope lived this exact scenario when she gave birth to her son Derek and a few weeks later discovered he had cerebral palsy. She didn’t want to accept the diagnosis and travelled to many doctors for an answer she preferred. One doctor diagnosed Derek with meningitis and treated him accordingly, which caused severe mental disability in this precious boy. During this time that she was struggling with what was culturally seen as a curse, she received no support, comfort or love from her family, only from an old couple that came and visited her and prayed for her, and this showed her the love of Jesus and led her to salvation. In the next few years, God put it on her heart to take in these children, care for them and love them and He will provide the rest. There is so much that took place in the next few years including a severe car crash that left her with a diagnosis of never walking again, and Jesus total healing her, but it all brought her to where she is today – in the new house with 35 beautiful children and many faithful staff.

When we first got there today we were greeted by these children and then given a tour and Edith told us her amazing story. Then we put all the kids in wheel chairs, except those that were quadriplegic and couldn’t sit up in a chair, and took them for a walk down the road – which was such an exciting time for them and we were proud to be the ‘mzungus’ (white people) walking and holding the disabled children. When we got home we put them all in the play room and played some music and it was beautiful because every single child, even the completely disabled kids, had a massive smile on their face. We danced for the next few hours with them and held them and just showed them the love they deserve.

Coming home we had a shower (to get rid of the pee that covered most of us haha) and then met together to chat and sort through our emotions. It was so interesting to hear 13 different experiences and emotions, but one thing that came out is that we were all inspired. Inspired to be people like Edith, encouraged to have open hearts to God’s calling for us, and determined to be obedient to His call.

Sorry that this is SO long but there is no way you can do the Home of Hope justice with out hearing it all.
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Johann said...

What an awesome privilege to share in your trip - thanks for these great updates and for sharing your hearts - we are blessed! We continue to pray for the whole team - it only gets better!

Rachael Silvester said...

Soooo happy to read this, thanks for giving your time to take them in the chairs, the beauty of a team visit! The kids look so happy to have you there!
p.s. Andrew I am so happy the walls are finally done! 100% better