Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 12 –

The day started with a quick breakfast and as usual the team rises with fifteen minutes to spare. By the time our team got ready the Uganda bus driver was waiting patiently for us in our fully credit transport.
By the time the girls got there sunscreen on the bus was on the move. Our trip was running very smoothly at first until we got pulled over by the local police for a routine check.
The police in Uganda are so slow at going through the motions witch can be so frustrating but at least he didn’t arrest any one, so we waited for about fifteen or so while our driver “Fred” tried to plead with them to let us go. With a small bribe (paid by Fred) later the police finally decided to let us go and we were back on track for what I thought was a amazing and life changing trip.
We arrived at the starting point with a big welcome of tea and muffins to soften us for the biggest scare of our life.
We met our guide who reminded everyone of the movie “Finding Nemo  - the turtle Crusher who spoke like a old school surfer from the 60s.
We all boarded our trusty vessels and we began our safety drills. With that out of the way we stetted off in two trusty boats with the team half spilt up in both of them.
The rapids of the Nile are very dangerous and unforgiving, we all managed to do our best of trying to stay in our floating vessels but the Nile took its revenge on us all. After several rollovers and a few near drowning’s we finally managed to reach the finish line.
The girls in our team were inspirational and had no fear when they smashed through grade 5 rapids, which are so rare now to take on.
We were greeted with a well deserve bbq and a couple of drinks. Our teams re lived the scary moments we just endured and we were on our way back to the main center where we first met the Adrift team. I think we should thank the Adrift team Daniel and Josh decided we would conclude the days events with a quick bungee jump which was an experience that cant be explained unless you have experienced it for your self.


While that was all happening, the rest of us spent some relaxing time with Luke and Agnes at Kingfisher Resort. A nice place to relax, read, swim ....and have some nice food and drinks...   Kingfisher is on the banks for the Nile river with some lovely gardens to walk through and relax in...  Of course a few of the girls 'needed' to do an hour or so of souvenir shopping before we went...  but all good..  we had the time today....
Tomorrow back to a dose of reality and building the house...  It's almost finished, and we're pretty proud of our work so far!!!

By the Nile

Relaxing with good food!!

Nice view..

Hard life hey???

Rafters extraordinaire!!

Poses always work!!

Look at us!!

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