Thursday, September 23, 2010


I bring seasoned greetings fromt the village! lots of stuff has been happening at the village, thank you for your generous gifts to see the children in school and having a place they call home!

We thank God for the great friends village of hope gets, ever since jeremy and sarah and luke decided to stay with the children, there has been a great improvement in the lives of the kids,they've been great role models to the children.
With luke filming the great work hopebuilders is doing in Uganda and Rwanda, Jeremy and his wonderful wife sarah have embarked on setting up a farm enterprise to benefit the village, through the generous gifts of their church,Jeremy are working day and night to see this farm that will see diary supply the village and even sell some to the community,hence sustaining the project!
The goats and the chicken will have a permanent shelter atlast! we are soo excited about this venture and will do all it takes to see this come to pass!
this village has trully become a great haven for the children!
Plans of settling in the next set of the lovely children is underway! Pray that this whole process shall go smoothly as planned! As you realise the need here is too great! at times we feel getting countless children in the fangs of poverty and risky enviroments,commit hopebuilders into God;s hands! so we can see more villages come up and bless more and more lives!

The selection of mothers is also taking place, pray that the lord will lead us to the right mothers who were predestined for this wonderfull place!
Just like jeremy and sarah and luke,God could be speaking to you to come and be a blessing to his lovely children in Africa, it takes an obedient heart! your gifts can also be a big blessing to see the next set of vulnerable kids get a decent and safe enviroment away from the risky enviroment that greatly affects these precious children. you can even be part of the teams that come to build here!
God richly bless you.

jeremy,luke mix the concrete for the cow pen!

"forever friends" thats jessica and their great moments!

The farm from a distance!

jeremy and his powerful boys getting dirty! these boys love helping!

Luke gets time off from his camera to help with the kids! A great thanks to jeremy,Sarah and Luke for the great influence theyve hard on these kids,they now mutter some words in English!!! they are picking the queen's language very fast!!!

recently i got a parcel from Eli from Austria,this wonderfull young lady had spent most her time ministering to these children,helping them with their home work! since then she became part of the village,recently she sent over pencils,stickers and coloured pens,you cant imagine how the kids were happy!! some gifts make a day in the life of a child and she wont forget such love! it means alot to these precious lives

kids excited about their gifts!!

at the village we encourage our kids to play and have fun,this hels them forget the past and make them work together! thanks to the generous hearts that donated the swing,basket ball court,balls! we greatly appreciate!

sarah guides the children in their homework!

the cow,goat and chicken shed! it will be complete very soon!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

With every passing day,the village of hope gets a new positive change added to it! the roofing of the two newly built houses is being finalised! while the cementing of the houses has begun!!thank you for loving and supporting the Village of Hope.