Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the fabulous signpost

that's the amazing sign post.

there was a slight error in the box number but this was rectified.

so the address should be:

uganda hopebuilders international ltd

p.o.box 5228


one step at a time. hope to hear from you

roofing house B.

i believe soon we shall the green roofs on house B.
its amazing seing this unfold in our eyes.

house B from a distance.

site goes on!

the gap the teams left can still be felt because there was a lot of activity at the site. at the moment activity goes on,roofing house B is on.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

more with team three!

the kids at pastor mose's ophanage entertainig us!
this was before the team left for the tour

pastor ron speaking to the people! the lord has used him in many amazing ways! actaully his church helped fence up pastor moses' ophanage..pastor moses is a great frd with hope builders uganda.
pastor moses is in blue

team members having fun with the kids!!

team members on their arrival at the ophanage

indeed we can say that Ebenezer-thus the far the lord has brought us!
the vision of hope builders has been successful because of the great unity that exists among the board and the team members. we pray this will go on and on!! because nothing can be achieved when we are divided.
one step at a time will shall reach far.

the following are the prayer points!

-that all the team members will keep the candle burning for the village of hope and that they will be advocates for what is going on here. that they will even ignite the fire to many...

-that the lord will give us protection-we guys on the ground,form all sorts of bad elements,opportunistists and other attacks of the enemy.

-we need to thank him for the grea protection,wisdom,guidance,favor and hope he has shown us all this time!!

-that the lord will provide and enlarge our territories.

-lets also commit the team that might come in may-june,that the lord shall provide for them.

by the way you should also visit the blog by team three to get more detailed stuff of what took place-it would make you think u are actually on ground!!

team three!!

strongwilled robert with john buried in a coversation.

the newly completed house

making final touches

team mebers made sure atleast most of the work was finished

its undoubtly true that the lord has been with all the teams up to this time!
time came for team three to say bye to the village of hope,though it will remain in their hearts for a very long time! many members i interacted with indeed testify that their exp here has changed their lives for good in many areas of their lives and how they look at life in general.
back here we had alot to learn from the teams,especially when it came to organising of the teams,we bore in mind the great sacrifice the teams had made to come here and each day we improved esp in our time management!!
at the moment team three is visiting murchsion falls,a breathtaking tour to these falls will certainly remind them of the great beauty and warmth uganda has to offer...i took these pick prior to the leaving of the team.
all in all we were blessed!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

At the site

thats cameroun doing welding

part of the kitchen. the word posho means meal from corn meal,that is mingled and served hot.

the ladies at work

colins makes final touches on one of the windows.

bert with buddy ensuring accuracy!

site work!

House B, now has windows in there! roofing plans begin tommorow.

the guys take a pause at the new kitchen!

ron at work!

calista very busy,she has really got dirty for jesus.

josh gets down to work! his jokes and marks' have kept the team spirit alive.

more from sunday

the team visited pastor moses' church-wairaka miracle center..the teams enjoyed their time there,and amazingly,time was australian this time by 12:30am we had finished service.this rarely happens in pentecostal churches:).
the team proceeed to town to relax..

pastor moses prays for the team.

with a new cap,grace being carried!
its was evidently a good time for her!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

love in action!

mark after service on sunday,makes frds

team members interact with the members of the community we visited on sunday evening

calista helps dress up a young kid

colin with anthony who gave his life to christ during a visit to our new neighbours-a slum ,colin was moved to swap shirts with anthony he wore his torn shirt and anthony had his!..i was personally greatly moved by that gesture!

True religion is when we take care of orphans and widows,says THE WORD OF GOD in the holy bible! we thank God that it has been his grace that has seen the teams through up to this time as they've made this scripture come to life....as you read this blog which i will be updating often, i encourage you to be an advocate for the vulnerable children in uganda!
With the great sacrifice the teams have shown by giving up their rights,comfort zone,and their precious jobs,a great reward awaits them!
The people they've been interacting with have really been blessed in so many ways,the team members have ministered the love of christ in many ways,though we didnt carry out open evangelism,but the attitude towards work(you cd see the joy and love that was shone through the team members and the devotion that was evident for the work;they would do the work without complaining or arguing) this left many people greatly blessed!!
thanks for all your prayers through out this period and even as team 3 will be livng the site on thursdaymorning,we continually need your prayers,weve also been standing with you in prayers during this hard time you've been facing esp the people in victoria.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

progress on site!

the mud bricks safe form the rain!

house A and B.

thats house A seen through a cotton field

The site has of late seen lots of activities taking center stage,but yesterday the team went water rafting on the nile river,it was a refreshing moment for the team,after days of really hard work.
Its evident that the lord has been with all the teams to the end and we return all the glory and honor back to him.
tommorow,ben and tim leave for melbourne,they've indeed been a blessing to us. tim's strength left many amazed. ofcourse all team members have worked really hard,and they,ve left a good report back here.
we've had a sign post worked on and awaiting painting please pray that it will have God's protection so that it wont fall prey to hungry thieves!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

house A and B.

the specticular house a an b from afar!

More from the site!!!

the sewarage system nears completion!

bert also gives house A final touches!

cameron makes the verandah

house A continues getting the final touches from a team member.

the house has already been wired with electricity.

the site work today was briefly interrupped by rain but the team members later rushed to work in the evening... with the green roof on house a, the site looks incredibly great!! with the beam on house B awaiting drying up, roofing could possibly be done next week, hence leaving behind two beautiful R and R style houses that will house future leaders that will affect their generation!
pray for us that God will direct us to the right mothers, at the moment we need 2 mature christian single ladies with a heart for children and who have no intentions of getting married again, some have shown interest but we need God's wisdom as we choose the ones he has prepared over a long time for such a time as this!

Tommorrow late in the evening the team intends to visit (of course after the work!) an orphanage and they long to be a blessing to the children therein.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


josh sharing with the brethrens!

the team ministers to the elect of God.

the team introduce themselves.

Pastor Ron,shares what the lord had put on his heart.

yesterday was yet another wonderfull day the Lord had made. We had the privilege of visiting njeru christian family church across the nile river whose pastor is Pastor George, the team rejoiced with the brethren and even ministered to them in a song. the man of the day was Ron who shared what the Lord had put on his heart. he encouraged the body of Christ to lead holy lives and also to be hopefull. we were indeed blessed.

i will return with pics of the site tommorow.

given the headlines that are bombarding the waves about the bush fires that are ravaging parts of Australia, this is to let you know that we are praying for you and we know that the lord will raise a standard for his children that even in amidst of a physical fire, you shall not get burnt. read isaiah 43.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


calista, richard in the middle and john

Today we paid a visit to a project where john sponsors a child!! it was a very good experience for john, calista and little richard and his family, for the first time he met his sponsor!!

it was also a good exp for me when i met my former child dev officer uncle fred who is now the project director where richard is.

house B reaches the ream beam.

the pipe that connects the sewerage to the loos

"its hard work but its also enjoyable working with the team and with the locals, i've got my little appretince called peter, he is five years old, for him its also a great experience" colin.

"it has been a big learning exp, diff cultures and different country" mathew. (when asked about his exp while at the site)