Thursday, July 10, 2014

Today we woke up from the coldest night sleep and entered probably the hottest day of the trip and started the day with our staple breakfast of Rolex rolls (An omelet wrapped in chapatti), bananas and plain chapatti with a spread of choice. After our tummies were full, Grant (I) led us in today’s devotion. He reminded us of what worship is and why we do it and then we sung some songs. After a refreshing time of singing (in Grant’s opinion) we headed out of our accommodation and walked up to the Village Of Hope to continue building. It has been great to continue building relationships with the builders there and grow stronger as a team (physically and in team ‘cohesion’ (yeah… I know some big words). Some of us spent most of the day wheeling the dirt from the top of the village to the building site, others continued with bricking and filling.

After a solid morning of building it was time for lunch, consisting of fresh rolls of avocado, cucumber, egg, lettuce, etc. Then we headed into Jinja for a spot of shopping. Some took a Boda Boda ride of a 1000 shillings, to experience the sights and smells of the markets with some shops selling not just the tasty bits of the meat we westerners are used to, but everything the animal has to offer… Yum yum! Others also strolled down the main street viewing the local shops selling heaps of touristy items, with some shopkeepers insistent on selling us things. Our bargaining skills we’re definitely put to the test, but I think I got a good deal with my snazzy new blue Ugandan shirt.

With our shopping bags in hand, we headed back to our home for a relaxing afternoon of card games and music. Dinner was a lovely lasagna and bread (yes, we are eating a lot of carbs!). And now we are all letting our stomachs settle with some more card games.

Personally, I am learning a lot. Anyone who’s been here will know that the Ugandan’s are such a friendly people. How often do you go into a shop at home and the shopkeeper will greet you and introduce her to you with her name. And some of the school kids come running up to us and give us hi-fives and hugs as we walk back home. But also, in speaking to some of the workers at the Village, my life is a walk in the park compared to what some of them have been through. For some, just to eat everyday is a struggle. And that, for me, was a great reminder to me to not take things for granted and be as thankful as I can be to God for how much he provides for us.

Anyway, we are doing well, no major sickness or injuries and we are really enjoying our time here.

Thank you God!     Grant!!     Oh, and as usual.... pics below!!

Hard at it..

'Happy' to lend a hand!!

THIS.. is the start of a great house!

Door frames (flames as the Ugandans say) are in!

Doing the heavy lifting
Up-skilling Sue to steel cutting

Afri-Grant in his element


Johann said...

Awesome work team 16 - great progress on the house and Grant nice shirt! So glad to hear all us well health wise and team cohesion - thank you Lord for answered prayer. In the words of Mr Kafeero - "thank you for getting dirty for Jesus",

Catherine Witteveen said...

Hi all
Great write up Grant, love the shirt. all those carbs are there to keep you working.
Sue - GO GIRL - you are a natural with the grinder.
Tiff - you don't even look like you are working up a sweat.
The place looks good and I enjoyed the read over my lunch (Zucchini And vegetable, beef soup and an apple)
Cold night, well we woke up to 6oC this morning but not complaining
keep sending pictures and updating us.
Catherine Witteveen

Glenn said...

Great Job team - love reading all the different perspectives on things. Can't believe house 11 is now going up - and might I say it looks like a good job - nice straight lines and well filled joints. Keep up the great work.