Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hi From Village of Hope and Udates

Jackson before


poultry structure

fencing project

Ashiraf reunited to his parents
Hi to all our readers,
Its so surprising that we have come to the end of Term 2, Glory be TO OUR GOD for whatever he's done.
The village is so jovial because all most all the children are through with their  Exams apart from those
of Jinja Christian School who promise to break off this week. Hope Land pupils got their report cards on
Thursday and the performance is really promising. Joy, Jinja, Hope comm will have theirs this week.

About entertainment, the trainer is now on ground and the practices have resumed in all aspects of music dance and drama.
New Children;
The new children are doing well and growing up so steadily to the extent that the clothes we gave them no longer fit them because they have put  on weight  Jackson who came as a little baby a month and some weeks back is now a big boy  and he now runs around the whole Village.
VOH projects
Team 14 blessed us with donations to start a poultry project and fence up our land ...see the progress of these in the photos.

Lastly, a while ago V O H  received  a child named Ashiraf who claimed to have lost his parents, but after the Village of Hope administrators carried out a private investigation, we found out that he had parents and we Reunited him to his parents.
kind regards



Monday, August 5, 2013

Village of Hope updates 2013

Greetings to all of you out there; we are so grateful to inform you that the village is doing well though have
not been updating for a while.
We thank God that most of our Team 14 members reached safely in  AUSTRA LIA  and we still have
Renay and Anne at the village...We really miss all of you guys and so you are i believe.
At the Village, we have had some restructuring with shifting here and there..Mama Loyce house 1 is now
in house 7 with her family and Mama Lovisa occupies house 7,  Mafabi Samuel 2 is now in 8,Paul 2 is now in 5,Juma 5 is now in 3,Derrick 8 is now in 2, Phiona 1 is now in 6,Jane 6 is now in 1,Steven 3 is now in 2.
We believe that this shifting is for the well being of the children and the village as a whole because we gave
the children a chance to choose where they feel at home in the village and fortunately  all most  each one
chose the mother we had suggested for...we  are so happy for that.
In house 2, a new mother (Mama Harriet)  has reported to replace Mama Agnes.
              God Bless you all.
Mama Prossy

Mama Lovisa

Mama Harriet