Monday, November 30, 2009

the site

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teams also got time off to help straighten the drainage systems,this gave the site a face lift too!!!

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With lots of activities going on at the site,one is left to think that by the time team three will leave,the admin block will be awaiting roofing, which means the teams in january 2010 will have to work on the 2 houses yet to be built,the pace at which they are building is amazing,the most amazing thing is that they are taking they are building hope as they lay every brick. these photos where taken late last week,by now the building is one feet taller. will keep updating you with the latest photos.. thanks again for your support and prayers, please pray for pastor Glenn he left for kampala today to pursue the container issue. we have to get a letter from the finance ministry that exempts us from taxes. lets pray that the lord will give us favor,i know you have prayed but dont lose hope!lets keep the fire burning!

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A great time of worship was had at Pastor Moses church. Glenn got to preach and the singing was at its African vibrant best. After which we had to push start our bus which somehow lost power after it got bogged. After luch at Care for Kids we had a relaxing afternoon at the YWAM base. Posha, rice and beans have been at a high standard - even at times not needing condiments. The beans though are causing alot of 'frog' noises around the site!!

Hard workers

Here are some hard working team members -Wes, Lyn & Clinton - pick the one who has had the shower and got changed

end of week 1

Playing with the kids at the discovery centre
Progress at the end of week one was far more than we could have dreamed. We look forward to a well earned day off on Sunday

Saturday, November 28, 2009

more pictures

We have an appointment to see the minister of finance in Kampala on monday - please pray that we will find favour and recive our tax exemption and then the release of the container. On site everything is ready for the doors and windows to go in - and these are in the container.

nearly 1 week in

here we are nearly one week into our trip. Today we had a day off from mudbrick laying and did some different things. We layed two new drains out the front of the houses to take a way the water that was acumulating there. We also took the children and mothers across to the discovery centre at the ywam base. we had a ball playing soccer, running races and trying to teach them to kick a football. Muma Agnis and muma Lois were right there in the thick of it with them. It continues to be a joy to spend time here and to see so much progress in the childrens lives. a special treat was had by having a soda together after our hard play.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Life in the village

the soccer ball was a hit in and out of the kitchen

Great times between showers / downpours - Glenn with Derek

Paul and Emanuel - our great local bricklayers

more progress

not only them but the boys from village of hope and from next door have made sure that a constant supply of megenga has been presant. I am azed at their strength and stamina

Yep its all happening - progress has been much more than we expected - we have had some great local help. Paul and Emanuel as well as charles george and samuel have all been great brick layers and labourers.
Mama Lois and Mama Agness have been providing the best chappatis I have ever had - rolex supreme.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Down Pour

Being the wet season here we have had to deal with a couple of thunderstorms along the way. Even though they disturb the building they creat great oppertunties for us to spend time with the children and Lois and Agnes. We spent nerly the whole time singing and playing games - areal God moment.
Progress is going well with external walls up to window height by the end of day 3. more than we could have hopped for.
The container continues to be held up. So please pray for God's favour as we try and visit the ministry of finance tomorrow.
It is such a joy to spend time at Village of Hope

Admin Center begins

We have arived and after a 36 hour door to door trip we were very relived to be in Jinja.
After a relaxing first day we were right into the action and is great to have so many little helpers in our tasks.
The village of hope is a real hive of activity and it is so exciting to be part of it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

thank you soo much

one of our youngest boys(ibra) having lunch,we thank you so much for giving because with your gifts we can keep food on the table,so our kids can grow into healthy future learders! we think by your support we can open up more ventures where we can sustain the project,so it runs sustainably.
thank you once again. we believe in you!

life at the village

A big thanks to everyone that contributed to the children’s school fees, as you may well know, we had to put them on intensive coaching since September, and some of them were so bright that we expect them to excel and go to another grade. The children will be having their holidays soon. We have many activities in store for this holiday.
As you note next year is knocking, so we would like you to get on board and help support a house, by doing so you are changing a whole destiny of the child who knew poverty and deprivation. A dollar here can buy breakfast for over 8 kids, what I mean every penny means a lot here.

Taking a stroll into the village of hope will give you a feeling of hope. There’s a lot of activities going on,right from vegetable growing, crop growing and kids playing all around. These children grow everyday, its encouraging to see them grow in stature, wisdom and favor with God and man.
The boys take turns looking after the goat, it fascinates them a lot. While the girls prefer taking care of the chickens. At the village, we teach our children to be helpful to the mothers so they do the simple work like washing dishes after meals as the mothers do the cooking, we want the children to have the village at heart not just a place for raising kids.
At the moment, weve taken advantage of the abundant rain to grow lots of cassava and potatoes to feed the kids and maybe sell some, we expect them to be ready in four months time.

Finally the long awaited container is in our town still in the yard for clearance before we can have it on the site. A big thanks to all who gave, you know it’s more blessed to give than to receive. We greatly appreciate what you did and we shall cherish every gift you sent. The kids cant wait to have the container, they’ve been praying for its arrival, they have no idea what size it is, but they keep praying(they think it’s a special small tin- that’s the funny bit of it
On Sunday we are yet to receive the team led by pastor glen, we shall be glad to receive them, the last time pastor glen was here, it was a bushy place, behold he’s coming back to a place with life, activities going on. They will be with us while constructing the administration block, which will house the offices.

Prayer request
1. Pray for the team from Australia who will be with us, which the lord shall protect them and give them divine health through out their journey.
2. Pray for Johann, Rob, Glenn Andrew and their families that the lord shall continually bless them with more wisdom as they direct this project.
3. Pray that the kids we raise shall be a source of joy and a blessing as they grow.
4. Pray that the lord shall prepare the mothers who are yet to join the village of hope.
5. Finally lets thank God for all people who have contributed to all things in the container that the big lord should bless them mightily.

From the village of hope

part of the vegetable garden

the vegetable garden

On Sunday we are yet to receive the team led by pastor glen, we shall be glad to receive them, the last time pastor glen was here, it was a bushy place, behold he’s coming back to a place with life, activities going on. They will be with us while constructing the administration block, which will house the offices.

this pic was taken last week(its for the new admin block yet to be constructed next week.

The mother busy weeding the crops(she wasnt aware i was taking her pic!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Next Team

This is the next team about to head of to Village of Hope.
Robert & Lyn, Clinton, Wes and Glenn
Just a small group of 5 of us. We are seeking to work with some of the locals in getting as much of the administration center contstructed as possible. Robert & Ivan have been working hard to get things prepared for our arival. The slab is being poured, all the bricks have been made and they are working hard at getting the container of building materials through. It is currently stuck on the borader of Uganda & Kenya. Please pray that may be allowed through without having to pay tax on the goods inside.
We are looking forward to catching up with Lois and Agnes and the children and spending time with them. We also look forward to spending time with Ivan and Robert - our tireless workers at Village of Hope.
We will try and keep things updated here as to our progress.
Please pray for us - we leave on the 21st Nov and return on 13th Dec.
Please also pray for Ron's team which will be at Village of Hope for the first 3 weeks in Jan.