Sunday, September 4, 2016

Village Girls in National Ball Competitions

The excitement and Joy at Village of Hope is in high gear as it's 4 primary School girls qualified for National Ball Competitions representing Jinja District on the Net Ball Team. The celebrated Youngsters are, Latifah 13yrs in P6, Oliver 12yrs in P5, Rachael 13yrs in P6, and Tracy 12yrs in P5.
They are all Total Orphans and were brought to the Village of Hope in very Vulnerable situations and no one knew that God had  a good plan for them as he always does for the people who trust in him. We thank Hope Builders International for the Great Work you do, the Hope you extend to the would be hopeless......And here there to National level , we hope they'll enjoy the whole experience and who knows? they can be spotted by big Teams including the She Cranes (Uganda's National Netball Team) !! Let's pray for good Health and safety for these girls.
It was  very competitive to go through as many loved and were so much eager but they did not make it...Thanks be to God for these Fantastic 4's. Most of the children lost out at sub zones, others at Zonal level.
It has been  a strainful training and they had to shade off extra  body weight as the rules take only those below 45KGS.. they have been exercising morning and evening to maintain the required weight range.
So now they are leaving to Koboko District in North western Uganda for the Nationals and the Games are to last for 2weeks.
We thank everyone who has been behind the kids;Jinja Christian School, Teacher Faith, and everyone out there, Many Thanks
See the Girls in Pics
prayed before leaving

ready to compete

Koboko here we come

UG and AUS you made proud

together we shall


Sports Teacher Faith and the Girls

packing their effects