Thursday, October 18, 2012

Two days of the hard working and getting all reciepts in place even for the right item and dates.

I must say Judith is doing good job as bringing the auditor to check our accounts records here in the village. auditoring one of the requirments from the government of uganda for NGO as village and so i see that we are moving forward.

I want thank every one who gives generously towards the ministry of hope builders international here in uganda.may God bless richly bless you all .

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This is how far our crops are doing and steps of progress on farming on God's ways.

we thank God for the rain that we receive every week almost  and now our crops are now growing on high spreed.
I believe in this week we do the transplanting. micheal and boys of the village are doing the great job of learning on how to make nessary bed and seed bed,actually some of these boys they have learnt some these small steps of transplanting and drafting of crops to one another.

its our pride to see even children mukisa ,mafabi and joshua coming up asking piece of land to plant some crops and learn from them. one day i believe these small things that we do while children seeing, they do them even more than us.
We thank God for the wisdom and knowledge but above all the wonderful provision for the money and rain.

As some one come from town or joy primary he/she will be welcomed with yellow colored flowers planted as word out side of the fence on the road sides as VoH as sign we hope for the better day by day.on our fence it has been bush surrounding us but also hosting snakes,frogs and thieves who always interpreting security on the property but we have used the ground into beauty

Good health starts with good living every day i think on how we can improve the ground to clear and clean for every who come inn and out, and us who lives inn. we use the resources around to change the surroundings with what God has given us.

Mukisa trying to learn on drifting of crops like local passion fruit into modern ones,or local mangoes into good which takes less days to produce than local ones.but this month we working on passion fruits and vegetables so that we may get some thing before this year ends.

Every sunday we buy special food but some of this fruit has seeds that we can uses after sharing them as meal then we compose them as plant or crop in the next step,our children are getting interested this move of farming in God's way.

Friday, October 5, 2012

          New project of planting vegetables at the village.

After training on how to breed the cow and plants with Micheal the farm and i we decided put into practice whatever i have teaching him.


we thank God for the resources around like land,manures from cows,last project of chicken.

The reason of this project is reduce on heaviness of food budget  of every wife and i we have been saving some little money to start this project so the village may not buy vegetables in market where we spent 860,000 on every month.we wish if have rain and water available in this upcoming month then our harvest will reduce it 20% of this 860,000.

we mixed soil with all manures then at the end of this week we plant crops like,cabbages,onoins,carrots,tomatoes,and sukuma wiki.

we thank God for the energy and the rain we have now and i know we will make it.