Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Holliday of Family Bonding

It has been one month since we had our second Term holidays..... A lot has happened at the Village and in the Communities.
Our children are well and they have enjoyed the time, in play and learning, working with the mothers, and administrators as they continue to enjoy the V.OH environment.
We also moved a step to visit Children's families (parents/guardians) for those who had taken long and those who had never been back. It was a joyful moment for the guardians to see their children grown up and looking bright and health. Children were also excited about the visits and seeing their guardians.. 'Some were a bit disturbed with direction as they could get confused with the new developments in their areas of origin.
For one family,-Tracy and Sandra, it was both joy and tears, these were admitted to VOH at a younger age, and the family visit enabled them realize that both their parents died. We were welcomed by their uncle and aunt who narrated the story to us
Families visited were of Janat,Sheila, Sudais, Micheal,Jenipher-Martin,Deborah.Jesca, Juma-Latifah,all their parents were very happy and thankful for Hope Builders International's support and care of their Children and wished the ministry God's richest blessings.
See what happened in pics
It's egg service at Admin

Micheal's grand welcomes children

Micheal's mother thankful for the visit

Jenipher -Martin whose relatives were not at home

Deborah and Jesca arrive at uncle's home

Juma' and his relatives

Sandra-Tracy's former house

welcomed by Tracy's aunt&Uncle

Tracy,Sandra's Relatives

at Janat's Home