Friday, January 29, 2010

a visit from uncle Bill

last evening ,we got a visit from some loving amerian missionaries who have a heart to reach out to children,they shared the goesple with the kids,it was good having them,since the kids would love to hear from different pple. since its always me or the mothers who teach them. these lovely visitors included uncle bill with his famous puppet-uncle cousin, caroline and merredith. these were friends of mama lois!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

With love from the village of hope!

we bring warm greetings from uganda at the village of hope! we have been healthy,no child has been sick, and our schools open on monday. the kids cant wait to get back to school! they wont have to worry about books(these are soo many that they will last) ,shoes,pens for all have been catered for by you our beloved partners! i wont have to worry about shopping for these!!keep doing a great job! we really appreciate,but above all,the lord will richly reward you.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

life with team five!!

Having team three was a great blessing to the village! having the container during their time here despite the challenges we faced getting it,was also a a big blessing!
we long to have teams that will bless the village in many ways! all your skills can be a big blessing here. so next time you could volunteer to come and be part of what the lord is doing in the lives of the children here.

kids showing off their lovely bags that where made specially for them with their names on them. a big thanks to the loving hearts that devoted their time to make them. the bags had a pencil, lollipops,a small car and other nice things.

winnie shows off her bags.

ibra with his bag.

kids intertain the teams on their last nite at the site.

the night the team left was an emotional time! many kids had got attached to the team members. The night saw every team member share about their experiences at the village and their experiences in a new country. they felt greatly humbled by the hospitality they found here. the mothers too shared their experiences with the team members.

kids dance for the team.

derrick with ibra.

emily with fiona.

adam with latifa(rachel)

team members with kids

anne mary with shamina

kids with their new swing. they really love it!!! the coming of the new swing has been a blessing to the village,its also crucial in their development. they have a specific time they play on it.

now the admin block waits roofing,this will be done very soon.

one of the last dinner we had with the team. it was a great time getting to know the team members

the brick shelter is now roofed. the ladies told me to pass on their thanks for setting up a strong brick shelter. they told me to assure you of strong straight bricks!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

ann with emily,visit juliet who was bedridden,her situation has now improved!!!

yesterday the kids from the village of hope,blessed the saints at abundant life church,with music. its a blessin watchin them grow spiritually and reaching their potential. thanks to your support and prayers.

lots of stuff in the container will be a great blessin to the village. here sandra and emily help shamina as she tries on one. thanks to everyone who contributed towards the container.

derrick and adam get tomeet the locals at the recent visit we had to one of the neighbouring communities.

As a way of getting to know the living conditions of the community around,on 9th i took the team to a village called wairasa-east of kakira(still in jinja) ,this is a village that is sorrounded by a large sugar cane plantation,life here is hard. our major aim was to show love to them,encourage and pray with them. some team members were moved to give a few clothes of their own. at the end of the day,we were blessed.

the team meets the community. from here we visited their homes and prayed with them..

Friday, January 8, 2010

It is Here

Finally, after 4days of mainly frustration and disappointment, today with the assistance of a new agent we found a way of getting the container released from customs and delivered to our site. At last the generosity of everyone who contributed to filling the container and getting it here to Jinja will be realised when tomorrow we unpack it and start to use the materials and tools and distribute some of the clothes and other items for use by the community here.

Praise God that this day has finally come.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the outing with the kids!

the outing with the kids!

This afternoon,we took the kids out for a swimm, they always look forward to this experience,it was another great opportunity to have the kids bond with the team members!
this experience will always be memorable to these kids minds. thank you agian for making this possible for them becasue it put a smile on their faces!

the site!

since the team arrived,weve not had a serious problem affecting the team members,this is something we can thank God for. even our kids have greatly enjoyed working alongside the team members. which has created a bonding between them and the kids.
we envision a time when we shall have volunteers come and stay and live with the kids and just love them and get to know them,this time they could stay for a longer time just loving the kids and being a blessing to them,perhaps you could be one of those who feels like giving atleast a few months here in africa just serving the lord with your gifts!!
this will be a big blessing to the village of hope!!


the site!!

since finishing and making final touches on the admin block has been a top priority on ron's team, they have worked hard for the past week to make sure they complete the remaining part on the admin block.
thank you for your prayers,sarah's knee is slowly but surely recovering!!

pastor ron has been on the road for the past 2 days to make sure we have the container on site,this will happen soon,but we need your prayers,he has had his patience and faith stretched! keep praying that this will happen soon. i think this is why we are here,to raise a generation that will know the lord and be quick to respond to issues like these.
thank you again for your prayers!!