Wednesday, December 30, 2009

on 27th december we recieved yet another team of 14 strong men and women led by Ron,this time he was joined by his lovely wife. they are making final touches on the administration block that glen and his team built before roofing it. soon they will go to build another house.
the site is back to action with lots of work going on,welding building,mixing soil etc...

please pray for sarah,a team member, she has a sick ankle,The doctor confirmed that it is cellulitis and thinks the cause was a spider bite.So she has started on a course of antibiotics; so pray that these will work quickly so Sarah can get back to work. lets pray that she will be well so she is able to join the rest of the team as they build;she is responding well to treatment.
To get more details on whats going on daily,follow the link under blogging by team three. thank you for keepin us in your prayers.
the struggle continues!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

xmas at the village

mama lois with the kids.

robert having lunch with the kids..robert is the contact person of the hope hope builders here..

kids having lunch

George,one of our guards did miss anything too.

we indeed had a wonderfull time at the village on xmas day,kids were in a jovial mood. it was a great success indeed.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ready to Go

Here is the next HopeBuilders team at their final team meeting before leaving on Saturday to travel to the Village of Hope for three weeks. Everything is set to go - tickets received, tools distributed, expectations soaring, anxious thoughts appearing but under control and a real sense of team developing. We are looking forward very much to getting underway and meeting everyone at the village. Please pray for us.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

we wish you a merry xmas

mama lois with the kids teaching them how to make paper beads in their free time!

laying of the foundation goes on!!

We at the village want to extend our sincere regards by wishing you a great Xmas and a prosperous new year. Indeed this year has seen us take a great leap, we have a reason to thank the lord. within a short time we saw God transform these precious kids into what he wants them to be,most came with many traumas and pain,yet God had already positioned loving men and women to speak into these children lives.
at the village of hope no child is an orphan, we are family. We thank God that he has given us wisdom in handling the children, the most encouraging thing is seing these children grow spiritually and socially for instance they always pray for you,they've always prayed for the container(we have faith that it will come soon),they show concern for what may not be going well,and they will ask if they can pray, of course the child aspect is there,they shout,play ,cry, mess up too.we learnt how to raise them in love and affirmation. the mothers are doing a wonderful job, we are blessed by their great work, thank you for standing with the ministry of the Hope builders!!! you too can have a role to play in the lives of these children,in any way,you can join a team to come and build a house,you can also be part of a group to sponsor one house,At the moment a team will be arriving led by pastor Ron,they are coming to bless us with a new home for the children,they will build it,because they got the passion for what is happening here,by this we help break the cycle of poverty and build future leaders.

kids listening to mama lois as she shares bible stories with them!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

the new house at the village of hope!

in anticipation of yet another wonderfull team yet to make their arrival in late december for 3 weeks, construction of the foundation of the house is up,which will be ready by the time the team sets foot in uganda. we at the village of hope are looking forward to recieving the team. we are always touched by your giving heart,the sacrifice you give to make sure these kids can have a smile,a place they can call home and a suitable place where they can grow in the love of jesus!
what you see here began as a seed,it was planted and God brought together like minded people who joined hands to see this happen,so every gift you give means alot the lives of these children.

here are some prayer points to pray with us

lets pray for the safe arrival of the team led by pastor ron.

lets pray that this team too will bless the lives they meet esp the kids.

lets pray that the teams will enjoy good health while here.

lets commit the container issue in God's that the process is quickened. we were close to getting the letter but there was an error on the letter,so it had to be taken back.
lets also pray that hundreds even thousands shall grasp the vision of hopebuilders so that the cycle of poverty will forever be brocken!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Home Again

Our Last night at the Village of Hope was very special - Lois and Agnes put on a great feast for all the workers, neigbours and children. It was very emotial leaving the children and mothers and these will be memories that go with us for a very long time.

So as the sun sets on our Uganda experiance we are thankful to the Lord for this country and its people. Especially for the people we have spent the last three weeks with. God is doing his work through these people and village of hope.

We are now back in Australia - arriving safely back at 11:15pm last night looking forward to getting some proper sleep after another epic 27 hrs on the road

Saturday, December 12, 2009

team's last day

A big thanks to our lovely team

kids having lollipops

Finally glen's team that had been with us for weeks blessings us left for safari then will finally leave for melbourne friday. it takes a passionate heart to do a great job they did. the adminstration block awaits roofing. every effort they put in will bless lives to come,generations of future leaders will be blessed by what they gave.
The night before they left was fun packed,it was indeed an emotional time,since the kids had got attached to them,they would build with them,smile with them,eat with them,they greatly miss them.
here are some pics of the teams last day..

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ring beam in place & lunch time

The boys having lunch Derick, Samuel, Paul and Doreen at the end
Shamina having some lunch

If you look closely you will see all the steel work welded in place. Ready for the last few courses to go on

AN Outing

All dressed up and ready to head out on our outing to Kingfisher playground on the banks of Lake Victoria
Jane flying down the slide

Even Muma Lois got in with the swimming. This was the first swimming experiance for many of these children

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Village within the village

Today there was a local outrech in the village just down the hill from village of Hope. Many of the women of hope come from this village. The Tongan strong men did their acts of power and a message was give about Hope that can only come through God. Village of hope is also seeking to be involved in bringing hope to the community around it.

Mama Lois cooking up some freshly picked greens from the garden. Tomorrow the team will join the children in church and then have lunch in the village of hope before heading of on an outing with all the kids and mothers.
Today lintels were put in place, walls slureyed down, the site cleaned and rio was being prepared for the ring beam. As only God does - the power cam back on at the site for the first time of our trip, as we were planning to for a generator to be on site so we can weld.

More bricks on the way

Fiona on 'the rock' overlooking the village of hope
You may not recognise her - but this is florence - our mighty brick maker - and her family. Returning from the YWAM village outreach

and with our last bricks being layed Florence and her team have begun more brick production ready for the arrival of the next team

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The last bricks

The children rejoice as the last bricks are layed
Perimeter beam height has been reached all over. The internal door frames should arive on monday and the perimeter beam steel and lintles will be put in tomorrow.

Wes has the privaledge of laying the last mudbrick for this team. All will be inreadiness for Ron's team to come and finish the top.

Some time out

After our afternoon on the Nile and a fair go at tourist shopping we had a great night out with the Uganda hope builders - Robert & Rachel, Pst Moses and Ivan. Lots of meat was eaten as we have been living on a maily vegitarian diet.

Clinton gets up close and personal with the local monkeys at the Source of the nile.
Thursday arvo was spent on the shores of lake victoria and a boat ride over the source of the Nile river.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Windows are in and the brickwork is on its way up to ring beam height
Glenn's sausage pack is getting a big work out

Shelves in the shed

Opa Robert collecting advocados for mama Lyn