Friday, October 14, 2011

Wet Season

Wet season here seems to be getting serious. This week it has rained overnight and into the morning each day, but has generally cleared up after breakfast and then the sun dries it all out. Not so today! It is rapidly approaching time for me to have some lunch, and the rain has not let up as yet. It is at least a bit lighter now. And rain here means no work. In fact not much of anything at all when it rains, so I ran out of excuses for not posting on the blog.
Enjoying sodas at the soon to be flooded Bujagali Falls

Excitement is building around the village as the next intake of children draws near. The recent team did an awesome job in preparing houses 5&6, sacrificing the idea of 'building their own house' to carry out a whole lot of tasks to make the existing houses ready for occupation. They are now just awaiting the final floor surface and a couple of power points to be installed and they will be ready. Ali, the welder is busy making beds for the new children and mothers.

Suubi House continues to develop. The guest house has just had its first 'guests' other than the Hopebuilders teams who have come, and they enjoyed themselves greatly. Lucy, our cook, continues to dazzle visitors with her great meals, both African and Mzungu! We are also in discussions with a group of people from the UK who want to come here in Feb to stay while they take part in an Alpha training conference in Jinja. We met them during our trip in Aug/Sep, and they are keen to have an opportunity to stay in a real African community whilst doing what they come here for.

Emma at work on the extra pillars needed for the deck.
Extra rooms are being built out the back to enable Suubi to accommodate the large Schoolies Revolution team coming in December. A passing joke when Glenn Dekker was here that 'perhaps we should turn the roof into a deck' quickly gained credence, and after a couple of phone calls home, approval was given and now a wonderful deck has been built on those rooms to allow extra outside space with an amazing view of Lake Victoria, and from where the 'sea breeze' off the lake will be very much enjoyed after hot days working at the village.

The children at the village seem to have got through the worst of the malaria outbreak that  troubled the place during September. A number of the children required visits to the clinics for treatment, but we have had no cases in the last coupe of weeks. They all enjoy school, and have plenty of fun around the village, especially when there are visitors around.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Safari & Home

Its all over - Team 10's time in Africa has come to an end. A 2 day safari adventure in Kenya was a great way to say goodbye to this great place. Relaxing around the fire sharing stories was a highlight

The Massai Mara is an unbeilivable part of God's creation. Wildebeast, Zebra, elephants, lions and much much more!!!

The Team have now gone there seperate ways - The Dekker's to Rwanda, Rubin to Thialand, DeHaans to Dubai and the rest should be landing in Melbourne as we speak. Out ime at the village was amazing and we have truley seen God and work in so many ways!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Last day of work

The plants were planted creating some wonderful hedging down the driveway.

Robert and Lyn finished of the kitchen area - fitting it all out in one day - not bad going!!

We had our last meal with the village on the the slab of the new Community Shelter. Next times teams will eat here with a roof over their heads.

Tonight we say farewell to the Village and early in the morning we are off to Kenya for Safari.

Monday, October 3, 2011

More fun and games!!

Bujagali Falls was a great outing with the village. Many of the children and some mothers had never been here before. It was great to play some games, watch kayakers go down the rapids and just enjoy the wonderful creation that God has on display in this country.

The Concrete slab for the deck in the back yard of Suubi house has now been poured after a couple of mamoth days from the human concrete mixers and pumps - all by hand!!

Gladice ran a great afternoon informing the children about Australian animals. There was lots of discussion about kangaroos and dingos after this session.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Finishing things off

We had a great night of devotions with the kids - great songs great drumming and some pupets even came out to help tell the story of God's love and protection. The boys love their drumming and help for some excellent African singing.

Dinner with Robert and Rachel and our new village managers - Robert and Millie was a real delight. Robert and Rachels newest son George was certainly a hit with the team.

Back on site - things are being finished off. The kitchen roof has now been finished - thanks to a lot of blood and sweat and tears from Ron. Concreteing has almost been complete between the houses.

Window shutters and doors have been hung and painted on house 6 while the house 5 doors and shutters are just being welded up.
Monday will be our last day on site where will finish of some drains and plant a whole lot of trees and plants the the team have purchased for the village.

Today we are having an easy morning listening to the AFL grand final before we take the children out for an outing this afternoon.