Friday, June 27, 2014

In just one week from now we'll be bringing a team of 14 to Village of Hope, keen to get involved in the life of HopeBuilders in all sorts of ways!!
Some of the team are 'returnees' unable to resist the urge and attraction of Africa (and our gorgeous kids and mothers at Village of Hope!), and some are brand new conscripts (well they volunteered really!).
We'll be joining with our ever faithful and talented HopeBuilders builders team in Uganda to build house 11.  Yep, you read it right... house 11!!  The Village nowadays is an absolute hive of activity and kids, and we're going to help that to expand and grow!
As well as that we'll be spending some time at Home of Hope where we take care of around 35 disabled children.  We'll love on the kids, help out to give the super dedicated staff a well earned mini break, and see if we can't do a few practical jobs for them too.
We'll spend a bit of time at a local aids orphanage, hanging with the kids and serving there too...
We're going to see what's up with Youth Support Uganda and all the work Luke & Agnes, (the newly weds!!), Farook & Beatrice are up to. We'll get to know the young ladies that have just completed their sewing training course and we'll meet the new group too. Fantastic!
And, we'll drop in to Jinja Christian school, to see if we can't make the kids there rowdier than they already are!!
BUT, it won't be all work and no play!!  Jinja is the source of the Nile river, so a visit to that site is a must, as well as a good lengthy hunt through all the souvenir shops in town.
Some time to rest and reflect, kick back and get to know each other over a milkshake in town will also be the order of the days at times.
We're going to max out the our local church there in Sundays, and encourage Pastor George in his work.  Might even discover a preacher or two among us!!

We're keen to see what God does with us as a team too..  It's always amazing to see how a team grows closer as we work, serve and play in a great mission context.
Watch this blog for regular updates and pics of what we get up to..
Pray for us as we travel there and as we are there.  Pray for health, safety, great team work, and that God will work in us AND through us...

Andrew..  Team 16 Uganda..

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

V.O.H Uganda What's on Ground..

Blessed greetings from Uganda Hope Builders International ,Village of Hope to all our blog readers out there.
As i report now everyone is fine, the children ,mothers, and other staff though there has been some sort of illnesses in children because of the weather but they are now fine. Children are in there 4th week of term 2 studies and are now doing the Mid term Exams in the different schools.
The mothers are also fine ministering in their different callings, endeavoring to cater for the children in a positive manner.
A lot has happened in the Village and in other projects under Hope Builders International. At the start of this month (June), we received a team of ladies from Australia under Global Development Group.The two (Fe.Luscombe and Peta Thomas) had come for monitoring and evaluation and to see the progress of our projects, like Village of Hope, Home of Hope ,and the Youth Support Center (Luke's Project).
The Posho mill shade is under construction, by the end of this week it will be finished, about the cattle shade, all the materials are on the site now and hoping to start on it by the end of this week. We had planted demonstration gardens at the Village but due to harsh weather conditions, the vegetables did not grow well and its only maize (corn), which grew up.
Our transport officer William graduated with a diploma in Business administration and he is so thankful for Hope Builders for being therefor him.
I once again thank all our donors, for helping us to go an extra mile every now and then.