Sunday, June 30, 2013

Team 14 has arrived!  And look at the welcome we got!!
After a long and arduous journey from the airport, we were welcomed by some of the children of the Village dancing and singing for us.
Everyone is well albeit a bit tired... so it's a short post tonight..
Stay tuned for more!!!

Team 14

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So, about to head to Village of Hope with an 18 strong group!!  Our youngest is 13 and the oldest will turn 73 whilst we are there!!
We are looking forward to building house 9 along with experiencing many other things.
The team leave's Friday night and arrives Saturday afternoon.
Keep your eyes on the blog for updates, pictures and more....
We would appreciate your prayers as we travel and are there.
Please pay for safety, for our ongoing health, and for a great team unity.
I (Andrew) will fly out today and be there a bit early, so I'd appreciate your prayers too!!

Team 14!

Monday, June 17, 2013

VOH updates a hollistic approach..

Christine,Winnie,Brenda..(Hope comm hi sch)  

Our Great stone...Easter

From a powerful crusade(scripture union)

Practical skills are important.
Time for watching news
culture is put into account.
JESUS first... we are ready for a seminar

V.O.H  always endeavors to bring hope  to the would be hopeless
It really cares for community and celebrates JESUS Christ.
The children and the mothers are doing well and engage in
almost every productive activity .......From serving God',attaining education,practical activities like
agriculture and social activities.

We thank GOD for the great ministry.(

Friday, June 14, 2013

Preparation for voh new family)

Beloved of the Lord  Praise him...
completed H7/8 and foundation for 9

septic tank for houses 7/8.......
I am happy to inform you that very
soon God is going to add on us a new
family.Let's all welcome God's children to
occupy houses 7n8 as they cannot wait to be
part of the Great family V.O.H.
As i speak, we are very busy with
construction work as we finalise all what's
Houses 7n8 ready to welcome people of GOD
needed for the houses to be occupied...
we give thanks to the Holy one for the great
he is doing.
V.O.H Breaking the Cycle of Poverty