Friday, May 22, 2009

the site now

plans to dig make nice pavements around the homes are underway,plus painting the houses.
we are still waiting for the paint,it was posted over. still in the air somewhere!
the ladies will still be at the fore front of painting the houses, stillto help them make a little income to sustain themselves.
will keep you updated

At the moment,pray for the team here for God's direction,wisdom and protection. and for all the teams that blessed us last time when they came and built these houses; that their blessings wont run out,just now!

the foundation forthe admin block awaiting the coming team!

the site now!

the site las tweek

last week at the site was characterised with lots of workgoing on the site, the ladies were doing the rendering,they did good work and according to chris(he is an expaert in mudbricks) he says these houses will last for many years.
we want to ensure that everything randging fromthe houses,the enviroment etc will be safe before we can have the kids into the houses.