Tuesday, July 14, 2009

painting of the houses!!

Ms bageze a widow who joined the team very busy painting.

painter florence,busy

a lady busy at work

part of the wall of house b that was painted

Armed with the wall paper glue that we had and the instructions for mixing the paint, w

e emabarked on mixing the glue and the chalk, surely we werent betrayed, we had a good paint, we showed the ladies how to paint. since then,they've done an amazing job! they are quick learners. The paint is compatible with the walls,something that is good. house B is soon being completed.

i know how you are anxious to see the children and the mothers in the homes,this will happen very soon, thanks for your prayers and help. we apreciate all the prayers and support you give us. the inspector will come and go around the houses. already almost all things are now ready.