Tuesday, August 31, 2010

News frm the village!

The house in the process of roofing. by the end of this week,the roofs will be on boh houses.

jeremy in the office.

sarah busy teaching kids with memory cards

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Roofing will begin next week,after the wood preservative is put on the timber!!
Watch this space for more updates from the village of hope!! We love you!

From the village of hope!

Glad tidings from the the village!!
Ive had sometime with the Jeremies and Luke(luke(fondly called "jesus" because of his close resemblance with jesus is here to make a documentary showing what HopeBuilders is doing in Uganda and Rwanda! He is here till january)
Here they share with us some important aspects of their experience here, what they look forward to during their stay! We encourage you to pray for them and encourage them!!!
they have been a blessing to the village already!

How has this trip impacted you?

Luke - I've realised that one person really can make a big difference. I've also grown in my appreciation for what I've been born into, the opportunities I've been given and I won't take things for granted when I get back home.

Jeremy - It has given me a good insight into what the majority of people in Uganda possess and also what they view as important or essential in their lives. So far we have visited many peoples' homes, in one instance a man we visited owned only a Bible, a mattress and a few clothes. I've also been impacted on a spiritual level - Uganda is such a spiritual country and it seems a lot more noticable because there are many things that are stripped back, the lives of people are not clouded by the distractions we have in the Western world.

Sarah - It's challenged my faith. Challenged what I think is important. There is so much to be learnt from these beautiful people - their faith and trust in God is genuine. Their dependance upon Him as their Provider is genuine. Their humility and servant hearts continually blow me away and put many of my selfish efforts to shame.

What do you hope to accomplish during your stay?

Luke - To grow as a person and to do what I was called here to do - to get everything I need on film to make the documentary.

Jeremy - To see the 3rd and 4th houses finished and children living in them. To have the farm up and running and a full-time farmer employed. To develop a close and long lasting relationship with the mothers and children. To develop policies which will ensure structure and smooth running for the Village. To see a real improvement with the kids at school as a result of the extra tutoring we've been doing.

Sarah - The same as Jeremy and also to be a part of seeing the children grow - spiritually, behaviourally, in their studies and speaking english.

What vision do you have for the Village of Hope?

Luke, Jeremy & Sarah - To see the Village of Hope continuing to play a part in breaking the cycle of poverty for children, mothers, fathers and the wider community. To see the Village become self sustainable through micro-enterprises, with all the houses built and full of happy healthy children. We also hope that it won't stop with this village but will spread to other places and even other countries.

Any messages for people at home - words of encouragement

For people who have felt a call to come here to Africa, take a leap of faith, and come. It's easy to make excuses and think of reasons why you shouldn't come but you only live once on this earth and if God has called you He will provide for you.

Prayer requests
-Please pray for protection over the Village of Hope
-Please pray for the children as they begin another term of school on Monday
-Please pray for our continued safety and good .

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Roofing the houses is on, we would like to thank all men and women who are making this happen!! soon this whole place will flourish with special children whose future will change forever!

a view of the house during the roofing process.robert's men are working hard to make this happen!

brick making has been quietly going on behind the scene, its these bricks made by these special ladies that we use to build the houses, in so doing these widows are able to supplement on their small income, they survive on one dollar per day,so this helps them make an extra income! we welcome many ideas you may have that can see these widows break out of the cycle of poverty.

mama jane from the community busy

some of the bricks awaiting the december team!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Leaving the comfort of their nice home and church, back in Queensland, jeremy and sarah are here till november to help nurture the kids spiritually and academically,i will also work with them to make the village a great place!!Its been a great experiance for them getting oriented with the way of life here and getting accustomed to the new african exp, they have meals,devotions with the children and play games with the kids. they begun teaching kids and helping them in subjects they find problems in,,there surely will be a big improvement in their perfomance next term
keep them in your prayers so that the lord will use them far more than they can imagine.

Friday, August 6, 2010

farewell to team 7

with great gratitude,we would like to thank team six and seven for the great service they rendered while here. its such a great honour to be part of what the lord is doing here. you can see the smiles on the faces of the children and the fact that they will never go back into the cycle of poverty..never again.
the mothers asked me to say a big thank you to all team members who came ove. the children greatly miss you!!
jeremy and sarah and luke who plan to remain behind for a few months,look forwad to having a great time interacting with the children and the mothers.
thanks for your prayers and support.
we look forward to recieving many men and women who will come and be a blessing to us here..there are teams coming over in december and january,you could be part of them,pray about it.

children posing with team members a night before they left.

Rob and lynette!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Farewell from team 7.

This will probably be the final post from Team 7. We are completing our time here at the Village of Hope.
Some of the team left this morning and the rest of the team will be leaving for safari on Thursday.

We have been continuing to work hard to complete the admin building in preparation for Jeremy and Sarah to move in. We have broom rendered the walls, put in solar and electric lights, the bathroom is almost complete and things are progressing well.

We took the kids to Kingfisher resort for a swim on Sunday afternoon. It was a good chance to bless the kids and to continue building relationship with them.

We are all very pleased with amount of work we have achieved. It has been great to be part of the work in the Village of Hope.

And to finish off, a few photos of THIS IS AFRICA.

The sign at Kingfisher resort

Who let the sheep into Rob and Lynettes room

Would you buy here???