Monday, November 28, 2016

Schoolies Revolution 2016 at Village of Hope

Hello to you all!!, and thanks to God for the Schoolies Team which arrived safely in Uganda on Monday 21.
The Team is on well,  and all planned activities in High Gear...Building of House 14 is now at window level, and Guys are seriously getting dirty as they help in Breaking the Cycle of Poverty.
Home of Hope has been visited and team was overwhelmed by amazing work being  done out there.It has also visited Welcome Home in Jinja Town , this is a babies Home and this was done on Saturday and after, it was leisure at the source of the Nile and Dinner in town after a hard week's work....

It's so far going on well with the Team and everyone at Village of Hope, yesterday on Sunday, our weekend was spent in a cultural interaction style where Children taught Schoolies cultural dances like Kigisu Dance(Kadodi) from Eastern Uganda, Kiganda Dance from Central Kisoga Dance from East. The day was so exciting to the Team and the Children, with the different " bone breaking dancing strokes" at least from one of the Team Members..The dances came to pick when our own Uncle Johann got a waist tie to try out the Kisoga Dance which he indeed tried!!!

Our Sunday and the week was ended by the Team Helping Mothers in the African Kitchens with cooking of Dinner....Schoolies had Hard time with the Smoky choking stoves of our kitchens, pounding of our matooke,cutting onions and chopping of firewood. This was so amazing for the Team members and all activities in preparation of meals truly different from what they knew..
                                                     See Happenings in Pics Below  

learning Ugandan cooking styles

cultural dances getting harder

Uncle Johann tries Kisoga Dance

trying out Dances

Dances Gearup

Schoolies For House14

It's getting  on though dirtier

Door flames in, window flames next

progressing well

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

VOH Update-Schoolies Coming Soon

It's all fine here at Village of Hope, as we anxiously wait for the coming Schoolies Team in less than a week.
Everyone from children is aware of the team', 'for the kids, its known for taking them for a swim at King Fisher.....Uncle Johann is well known for this among the kids. We pray for God's journey mercies to you guys into Uganda.
Still on the coming team, as they've always done, they are to build House 14, the last house at Village of Hope... We thank you all for the Great Work you've done right from House 1 to now 14 whose Slab is already complete and we believe in the coming 3weeks or so, a whole house will be completed......It's really beautiful to have this happen...GOD is so good.

From the academics side of view, our 6 children in Primary Seven sat their National P.L.E Exams and we hope for good results next year. In Senior 4 Christine sat her National U.C.E Exams and she is expecting good results which will take her to Senior 5 and 6.
For Brenda, Sam and Derrick, they sitting their U.A.C.E National Exams as i post this write up.....We thank God for these children for the far he's brought them, we pray for success in all these exams.

With the rest of the Village, our activities are going on well, mothers are doing their ministry well, there is more unity,staff prayers are being conducted, and every department is carrying on it's roles. Our big Girls have received guidance and counseling sessions from Professional counselors in the last 2weeks and we hope all will be well.
                        See Some of the Updates in Pictures Below  
House 14 slab..waiting schoolies team

Slab House 14

VOH's P7 class 2016

whole P7 class 2016

Counseling sessions with big Girls

Christine's last visitation Day before exams

At start of staff prayers

staff prayers Geared up

All from Village of Hope-Uganda
Thanks to all our lovely supporters....