Saturday, July 12, 2014

DAY 6 (I think, but time seems to work differently here)
The schedule on the wall suggested it was work in the morning and again in the afternoon. Everyone was up and raring to go. Our wonderful cooks cooked up pancakes for breakfast and this along with the mandatory pineapple and bananas prepared us up for a solid mornings work. To top this off Ashlee  suggested we all think of something that challenged or blessed us so far.  Between us we had quite a few different things to share. 
Then it was off to the work site. Majenga mixer running flat out, brick throwing chain in action, barrows running hot bringing more soil for Majenga and Sue and I on window manufacturing. Sue is a real gun on the angle grinder and considering it as possible career change (maybe not). Morning tea was welcome and then back into it. The brick layers were running hot which put a lot of pressure on the window factory. 
A good break for lunch came and went to quickly. We had changed the menu around so we had rolexes, chappaties and some of the cooks special bread for lunch. Back at the work site work progressed rapidly, scaffold was erected and the first windows went in. Dani showed her prowess with a mowing blade. Obviously a latent skill awaiting release. Later in the afternoon the tiredness kicked and a little silliness accompanied it. The first real muchanga fight ensued although I'm sure they brickies will be able to do better at it in the future. 
As I write this Julliette is adding the finishing touches to dinner which appears to be a fritita to match the best

That's all for now folks, have a look at the pics...       Stan..
We don't negotiate with terrorists!!

Getting those windows welded..

Danile framed (or flamed!)

Scaffold is up!!

Check those abs!!!

Mowing the lawn..

Scaffold builders..  we've got the right ticket!! 

Majenga missile loaded and firing!

Totally unaware of the incoming missile!!!

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Johann said...

Thanks so much for the update and Stan (and Sue) great work on the windows and the flames... Stan reminds me of team #1!!! Great work by the whole team... blessings