Monday, February 27, 2012

last week of feb

This is how most of our mornings start, with our YWAM pre-schoolers walking to school and needing to cross a road that has now become quite busy. Our dear mothers work very hard to enusre that this is done safely.
Our mama Loyce working the soil and making it ready for more vegetables... 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


we thank God for this year and we believe God has so many things to here at the village.
last week of jan my wife and i started to train children in sing and dancing to promote their talents but God superised us after we took the children for musical gospel compitation at {Ywam hopelanda uganda}and we won the a ward.i will post some of pics tomorrow.

The first of feb as we were all ready for schooling interected the joy of going back with chicken pox but praise be to God who is healing our kids with help of doctors.
Big number is now at their school and we so happy all support of school fees and school requiments are covered.praised God.

Children are doing well at their schools and mostly new kids are so amanzing in speaking english and relating to other new kids at school.

We thank God for gifts two boxs of books ,we recieved from our friends from Jinja who visited us last are enjoying reading good christian books and children books.

Farm is doing well and chicken are growing faster and soon will be selling them and move to next step.