Saturday, November 24, 2018

Back at the Village of Hope.... Blessed!

Its so great to be back at the Village of Hope and Uganda in general after almost a year. However, this time I am blessed to be hear with my dear wife Kathy who has shared the journey and supported me incredibly. Kathy and I (and our family) were here leading Team 1 back in December 2008 when we started building House 1, and then she came back again with our family in December 2010 and spent a wonderful Christmas with 16 children... and now she is back with almost 80 children and 14 houses - what a blessing to share this short time here together.

Kathy has been spending time with the mothers and children hearing their stories and helping in cooking and encouraging them...  Some of the kids even reminded us of the Christmas Gift boxes that we had brought in 2010 - they never forget!!!

We still have a week to go,,, there will be Management Team meetings, meeting the board, visiting Home of Hope, taking the Mothers out to dinner, having dinner with the whole village, and so much more....  Looking forward to going to Abundant Life tomorrow and today we are guests of one of our original girls - Winnie - as she has her assessment for her Hospitality course... she has to prepare a complete meal, including the menu, table setting and service to her guests while being assessed. I am sure she will do well, Kathy and I will be joined by Ivan as her guests. She has an internship lined up at one of the top three hotels in Uganda.

Until the next update - we appreciate your prayers and especially your support of the work of HopeBuilders International...

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Hi to every one , we send you greetings in the name of the most high God . At the village , we are all in good shape and good health because of God`s protection.We are very grateful to  God that  most of our children in the candidate classes are through with their final examinations starting from primary seven, senior four and now the senior six candidates are also busy sitting for their final National examinations .For that we are so grateful to God who has protected them through out this term and still we ask Him to protect the rest of our children who have started sitting for their final and promotional exams to see to it that they get to go the next classes next year.
During this long long holidays, we (administration), have come up with a program of not seeing our children just sleep but become so productive to the village . So we have decided to teach them several skills like kneating, sewing using the electronic machines(tailoring) , teaching them how to operate a maize mill ,art and craft and also teaching them some computer skills but starting with a few at a time because of the limited resources.
We have started with tailoring and how to operate  the maize mill and then others will follow as we shall start to improvise the resources .
We thank God that our poultry project is doing well and it is also prospering but with time we trust God that we shall see it grow.
Our gardens have been affected by the long scorching sunshine hence reducing on the productivity level of the greens but we still hope for the best out of it with time.
See some few pics bellow.