Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Children in the Agriculture Show

The last 2 weekends treated Village children with a smile,, From the Visitation Day , Scripture Union party at Hope community  High School, our children had fun with me and the mothers whom i went with to visit them.
Our candidate children (Christine, Brenda, and Sam) are progressing well,and they were preparing for their mock exams in the next 2weeks.

Away from High School,
Children had a day of blasting fun in the National Agriculture Show at the Source of the Nile Show grounds in Jinja. It was so amazing to have glances of both domestic and wild Animals in one place, all sorts of crops, and countless different exhibitors.
We had looks and feels of Animals, even those children just dreamt of seeing like the Python, Leopard, Tortoise, Ostrich, Peacock, Lioness and many others.This was a fun and learning experience, though most the children feared getting nearer to the Wild animals.
There was an amusement park where i took some to have more extra fun on the electric swing, this was also a record broken for all.. ,It was an amazing day and every child was given a chance to buy whatever they felt like for a snack lunch and this was crowned by Ice creams as seems it's a VOH rule when children are taken out , its the climax of a joyful outing..,,,,.....Special thanks go to all those who made this happen and the mothers who helped me to guide this very big in the show grounds.
Visitation day at Hope Comm

Meals on V.D

Arrival at Show grounds

Taking a look at animal section

let the show begin

All fun in the air

let's carry it before the children

Nooooooow we caaan

Leopard had enough of Visitors , was time to rest

the Ostrich graced the occasion

this....  is our Day

we saw them all

couldn't leave without swagga

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Village of Hope with YWAM Team

It's a little tight schedule here at Village of Hope with the YWAM team which is more mission oriented with out reaches,,. Nevertheless,everything is going on well and everyone is happy with the team.
Andrew has been with us for 2weeks and he's now Home in AUS, we thank you for the great time we had with you and for accepting God to use you in his ministry,.......we pray that it all goes well as God desires it to be.
With the Team from Netherlands, we must say we are blessed to be with such amazing people who love to serve God. They have blessed our children, mothers and other people in the village and have been and still are a blessing to the community through outreaches organized by Pr George.
Our Teenage Girls are being taught  in different areas like identity, sexuality and the training is still going on for 8weeks , the time they will be with us.
The team is also involved in the slum ministry and they are doing great work praying and blessing families ,But they are so much touched by the situation people are living in where some reach the extent of shedding tears.  We now planning for the prison visit next week on Thursday , and continue with our routine programmes for the 8weeks of this team.
All our beloved ones out there, we always say thank you for the great work you're doing, we continue to pray for Gods provision and the Healthy stay in Uganda..
saying bye to Uncle Andrew

Ywam Team sharing with voh teenagers

time for non Ugandan games

In Masese slums

emotional time in slums

preparing for games

missionaries in the slums