Monday, July 14, 2014

Here is my blog.

Today is Sunday and like every Sunday, I slept in.

But we also went to church and spent the morning with mothers and kids from all over Jinja. Sunday is a day that never ceases to amaze me. Church in Uganda is extremely different to church in Australia and like every Reformed sermon, I have 3 points to explain why.

1.     People do not stop clapping and singing for 3 hours. Every person in the church will clap and sing and jump for joy like it was the last day on earth.
2.     No matter how uncomfortable a church service will be, whether it is because of the weather, or the seating, or even the language barrier, everyone will continue to praise God.
3.     No matter the circumstance of each individual, people will praise God.

Each and every Sunday I find these 3 points the most compelling. As I was reflecting on this, I have realized I have taken my church for granted on a regular basis. So often I arrive at church late, and sometimes even complain about going to church because I’m too tired. Today it really struck me how privileged I am to be able to got to a church that makes me feel so comfortable.

After church we spent an hour or so with the community enjoying a muffin and soda together. It was awesome to see the kids with a bottle of soft drink in their hands and a stale muffin smiling like it was Christmas. Again, how privileged am I?

After Church we ended up going into town and spending an hour looking around and having lunch. I ended up catching a boda with a guy, who unbelievable charged me 1000 shillings (35 cents) even though I took him through town 15 times. I was so taken back that I ended up asking if he was hungry and we ended up having lunch together. It was awesome moment seeing this guy (Paul) enjoying goat stew, a meal that he would only enjoy once a year. He asked me if I wanted to meet his family and kids and spend the night at his house watching the world cup, and although I couldn’t, it was an awesome experience to see how grateful he was having a lunch that each of us would have each day.

We then left town to go the source of the Nile. This was an awesome time for the team to see Uganda in its fullest. We travelled down the river Nile on a boat and saw some of the countries finest nature and animals. I can proudly say the I walked on the Nile !

The team ended up at 'All Friends', we enjoyed an awesome dinner together. Classic moment to see the fairer girls attempt to eat a “mild” chicken curry. Oh their red cheek’s.

I have to go now, the world cup is on, but I’m sure we will have something up for you to read tomorrow.     Daniel!!    

Packing out the church..

A song by the young girls
Sodas and cakes for everyone..  spesh!!

The 'A' team at the source..

On the Island

All Aboard!!!

Dinner time..  hmm.. what to eat!


Johann said...

Love the 3 points Daniel... it was fairly similar to the message we had at One Hope on Sunday... God is Good! Love to know who the "fairer girls" are, is this compared to you? Cause if its compared to Ugandans that's everyone!!! :)

Rachael Silvester said...

my heart just melted I spy Jackson at the front of church!!