Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Big Building Day

Our day started of wet and soggy - when the rain fially stopped we thought we could start some building but soon the heavens opened again and we were running for shelter. The Community Shelterr in the center of the Village where an impromptue game of indoor soccer began. With mixed teams of Muzungu's and Village kids it was a fiesty affair with a fe injeries along the way. We were all glad when the rain stopped so we could take a breather from the hard work of soccer and beging carting mudbricks from the bottom of the village to the top.

It is wet season here and everything is very muddy and wet which has made for some interesting work conditions.  The team worked like troupers and we managed to replace most of the top course on house 7 while the welders were working on the ring beam of house 8. All of us returned from our hard day with beautiful fake Ugandan tans - ie all glowing orange.  A few pici's of an amazing hard working team.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Visiting the Village

Today we got our first chance to meet the people of the Village of Hope. It is always an overwhelming welcome. Many of the team commented about a sense of God's presence in being welcomed in such an accepting way.

It was great to be able to get a tour of the village and see all the wonderful work that continues to happen in and around the village.

The wet season is kicking in and rain has been a regular occurance in the first couple of days. The afternoon was spent in Jinja getting cashed up and some Flavours Milkshakes.  Looking forward to a big day of building tomorrow !!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Team 13 Arrives.

Yes team 13 has arrived safely at Subbi House all tired weary and worn. Except for Mich Vb who managed to scam an upgrade to buisness class for the Dubai Entebbe flight!!!  Had a great meal of Lucy's African cooking and are now looking forward to a great cold shower!!!  Will keep you posted over the coming weeks of our adventures.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Schoolies Revolution 2012 - Gets it done!

The team and the HB Builders celebrate - we are at ring beam!
Job Done!!
Well despite some early setbacks with rain slowing down and even stopping work and then not having power for a number of days, this awesom eteam of young people got the job done - they completed house number 8 up to the ring beam. The last few days they even had to mix the majenga by hand in a wheelbarrow. The team was extremely happy and we are incredibly proud of all of them.

The HB Builders in their new strip
THANKS Knox Churches Soccer Club
United in sport and work!

The team also played a game of football (soccer) with the HopeBuilders' Ugandan builders. This fantastic group of guys had been talking the game up all day, saying that it was "judgement day for the schoolies", I think this was especially because of the loss they suffered last year. They were very excited when they received the team set of football jerseys, compliments of the Knox Churches Soccer Club, and they looked good. Unfortunately this did not help them even this year, as they went on to suffer a 6 - 3 loss to SR12. It was an awesome afternoon and everyone enjoyed themselves including all our children from VoH. In fact, our VoH children were giving the locals quite a hard time, whenever a goal was scored against them or they made a mistake. The young boys of VoH have now requested a set of tops for themselves - could be a definite possibility :)

We have onevmore day in the Village and saying "good bye" will not be easy. It is our prayer that the sign at the gate of our village takes life for this team - "May all who enter be blessed and may all who leave be a blessing!"

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Schoolies Revolution impacting Uganda!

Awesome progress on the house!
Joel preaching at Abundant Life Church
Well its been just over a week since the awesome Schoolies Revolution team of 2012 arrived in Uganda. They have already done a great job on building house number 8 at the Village of Hope and they have also visited the men's and women's prisons, a disabled children's home, a babies home for orphaned babies, a village in Njeru where they gave gifts of love including sugar, soap and the best of all 4 sewing machines. The team fundraised for two of these machines and the other two were a result of Schoolies 2011 team's fundraising. The team has also visited a local high school Hope Community High school and they have done many activities with the lovely children of the Village of Hope. You can catch up on more detail of the trip with the most entertaining and informative posts in the Schoolies blog ...  Schoolies Revolution 2012 Blog there are also a number of photos on their FaceBook page at Schoolies Revolution 2012 Photos you dont have to be a member to view them...  If these awesome young people can do this, whats stopping you?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Village updates

Last week the pre- school children came back home for holidays after working so hard at the school.
we also thank God for the provision the school fees and money for graduation and new clothes.

Rose,William, Junior,Ibrah and Olivia are now going in primary one next and this is how they looked  in the village shelter ready to for the last day of pre-school.

 Its now holiday time but also some our grown up children are enjoying working at the farm with the knowledge of  farming in God's way at the village.we have to have cabbages in next month and so many vegetables.

we as the village we believe that we can create something income and place were children came and learning  some skills

Friday, November 23, 2012

Schoolies Revolution 2012 about to leave!!!

Well tonight Schoolies Revolution 2012 sets off for Uganda - 21 VCE students who have just finished their exams will be heading to the Village of Hope - their mission to build house number 8 and to bring hope to a lot of hurting people. We will visit prisons, slums, HIV orphaned babies and much more. We will also spend time with theawesome kids at the Village of Hope and help in advancing the work of HopeBuilders. Keep an eye on the daily blog posts on you will find them undet TRIPS > 2012 Trip. There will be updates on here as well....

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Progress with small groups and one on one with our beautiful girls from the village.

Last week we had nice time with small groups with our girls here from the village and it was nice wife and mama florence were sharing their experences from their teenages and how they managed to come up to where they are today.
mama florence is such big tool we have at the village and her testmorny is great to young girls.

Frelonce shared on the advertages of having friend at schools and in the communities while your parents now them very well and where they come,she says in so knowing the friends of your children creates security and trust to them.
The girls were happy and interested in listen and then sharing their past experience with me and my wife.we want thank God for the wisdom of doing this {small groups}because will create more trust and security to our young girls.the fence we have can't protect these from dang our but telling them truth and pour love and praying for them daily will keep them in the ways of God.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Two days of the hard working and getting all reciepts in place even for the right item and dates.

I must say Judith is doing good job as bringing the auditor to check our accounts records here in the village. auditoring one of the requirments from the government of uganda for NGO as village and so i see that we are moving forward.

I want thank every one who gives generously towards the ministry of hope builders international here in uganda.may God bless richly bless you all .

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This is how far our crops are doing and steps of progress on farming on God's ways.

we thank God for the rain that we receive every week almost  and now our crops are now growing on high spreed.
I believe in this week we do the transplanting. micheal and boys of the village are doing the great job of learning on how to make nessary bed and seed bed,actually some of these boys they have learnt some these small steps of transplanting and drafting of crops to one another.

its our pride to see even children mukisa ,mafabi and joshua coming up asking piece of land to plant some crops and learn from them. one day i believe these small things that we do while children seeing, they do them even more than us.
We thank God for the wisdom and knowledge but above all the wonderful provision for the money and rain.

As some one come from town or joy primary he/she will be welcomed with yellow colored flowers planted as word out side of the fence on the road sides as VoH as sign we hope for the better day by day.on our fence it has been bush surrounding us but also hosting snakes,frogs and thieves who always interpreting security on the property but we have used the ground into beauty

Good health starts with good living every day i think on how we can improve the ground to clear and clean for every who come inn and out, and us who lives inn. we use the resources around to change the surroundings with what God has given us.

Mukisa trying to learn on drifting of crops like local passion fruit into modern ones,or local mangoes into good which takes less days to produce than local ones.but this month we working on passion fruits and vegetables so that we may get some thing before this year ends.

Every sunday we buy special food but some of this fruit has seeds that we can uses after sharing them as meal then we compose them as plant or crop in the next step,our children are getting interested this move of farming in God's way.

Friday, October 5, 2012

          New project of planting vegetables at the village.

After training on how to breed the cow and plants with Micheal the farm and i we decided put into practice whatever i have teaching him.


we thank God for the resources around like land,manures from cows,last project of chicken.

The reason of this project is reduce on heaviness of food budget  of every wife and i we have been saving some little money to start this project so the village may not buy vegetables in market where we spent 860,000 on every month.we wish if have rain and water available in this upcoming month then our harvest will reduce it 20% of this 860,000.

we mixed soil with all manures then at the end of this week we plant crops like,cabbages,onoins,carrots,tomatoes,and sukuma wiki.

we thank God for the energy and the rain we have now and i know we will make it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

After having a week of training on changing insemination, we decided to work practical on own farm since  christian was on hit,its was successful operation and very nice  to train micheal so that he can cry on the work.

Daily farming is now moving in another level after cow christian conceived for first time,on this stage we hope to enlarge of farm structure and increasing on skills on more production.

We want thank the schoolies team for building micheal's house in the farm.after having a new house and the farm being repaired and treated very well.
We now receive good service from the farm and good report from Micheal's work.

As you come in west-ends farm, a nice view with the beauty of green grass and cows welcoming you as come.

Micheal and i working on shed of the farm so that the cows may have good sleep and nice stay while resting during the day.all the shed was cemented well and the roof was worked on as well.

School shoes fitting in.

Last week village children were fitting in the shoes after my wife buying was such joy after seeing new shoes.

We thank God for the provision of the shoes,and other school requirements of our children here at the village.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New mother/nurse here at the village.

We thank God for new mother of house 7 but also works as nurse at the village.its a relief from every day driving to the clinic .she is working so hard treating the sick children and helping mama Ruth as she recovers from sick beck.

Its paramount  joy here to have this family with us in admin house,they are so lovely.

Jessa's family with her lovely children,carol, Natasha and Cyrus.


 On Sunday a team from USA visited us here at the village helped us in community work like splitting fire wood,cleaning around the compound and Indian visitor came with a donation of food stuff. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Robert k and i we went to check out on new modern of cooking using less fire wood.
Here face a challenge of fire which  sometime not there but still expensive and this give the mind of thinking so fast of new ways of we can reduce on expending much.

This is one of the fire cooking stove which first in shown ground in jinja two months ago.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


It's school holidays at the Village so there is always some thing going on. The children have been spending lots of time revising their school books for the next term as well as enjoying spending time with one another. Every morning a teacher has been coming in to teach the children and help them with any school work they need assistance with. The children have had a really fun holiday but look forward to returning to school next week.
Ann-marie is doing very great job in the village with all the children.
On her free days she gets in teaching with pre- school kids then old after and have some fun with some games and story telling.this has caused an impact to most kids during the short time she has stayed with them.

Monday, August 27, 2012

school holidays

It's school holidays at the village and the children have been very busy revising their books for the next school term. Anne-Marie has been teaching the children and now Teacher Elizabeth has also been doing some teaching with the children for the last two weeks.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

We went to show ground jinja last week with Ann and it was such great time the mothers and children to have fun and learn some stuff in agriculture and children was time of refreshing after a team of uncle Andrew and Luke went back .

William the driver did a great work in helping to drive us in time to show ground in jinja from the village as usual.

 we all enjoyed touring different things the ground but we were refused to take photos on the ground because of security reason on that day.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

After receiving and sending off people who are your friends becomes had some time sad.i must say that we had wonderful time with you guys, we love so much and we are waiting for you again.great job done by you all guys.May God bless you all.

Having fellowships together and meals was really wonderful  time here in the village.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Uganda adventures continue.....

It’s been a few days since you’ve heard from us…  so much has been going on.  We’ve been working hard at the Village finishing off many jobs and repairing all houses, as well as laying the drainage, sewer and water supply system for the left side of the village.

On Monday we were able to help with a home visiting ministry run by a great couple we have contact with in Jinja. They are living and working in a community, helping to develop the community by small enterprises, women’s groups, and a home visiting ministry.  We split into 2 groups and were able to go in to the homes of people to encourage and pray with them, as well as give them gifts of soap and sugar.  The excitement and appreciation was very apparent!  That evening devotions with the kids at the village was also highlight.
Luke and Elaine also joined us yesterday and have settled quickly into our team and it’s great to have them.  Luke has quickly found his place back behind the camera.  Can’t wait to see the results.
Today, we were able to visit the men’s and women’s prison.  The guys went to the men’s prison and the ladies to the women’s.  Us men were able to share a message with the prisoners and then pray for them.  Very touching!  The ladies all had to preach a short message… we discovered a few dormant gifts!!

This afternoon and evening we spent time with the students at Hope Community High School.  A volleyball challenge first, where we won one and lost the other.  We discovered competitiveness on both sides!!! This evening we joined in devotions and dancing with the students.  Awesome!!

Today we also were able to purchase a new Boda Boda (small motorbike taxi) that will be given to a family in need to enable them to earn an income.  Quite different than riding a motor bike in Australia!!

The challenges of getting the container released, and other things keep us busy too, and we would love you to keep praying for us.  Pray that we stay healthy, as we get more tired as well.  We’re enjoying a great place to stay and great food, which we’re so thankful for, and those that thought they might lose weight have been sadly mistaken.

Till the next update….

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Michaels house and Welcome Home!!

Over the course of the last three days we have worked, visited orphaned babies, and experienced heaps of different emotions. Thursday and Friday were both days of work in the village of hope. We slopped more poo on the walls (applied more render to the houses) and finally laid the pipes in the trenches that the men have been digging, but the big event was completing the farmer’s house. The farmer and his family moved into their newly completed house on Thursday with much excitement.
Our new home!!!
Ready for our furniture!

We visited the AIDS baby orphanage early on Saturday morning. We enjoyed a tour from the director, Mandy, and we were able to see the loving homes these kids are now able to live in. We all broke off into different groups and went to play with the different age groups. Some of us went across to a big field where the older kids were playing. We loved seeing the smiles on their faces as we kicked the soccer ball, threw the Frisbee, and just played with them. Another group went to the ‘toddlers.’ These kids were beautiful, extremely co-operative, and they loved playing with us. The third group was in the babies’ room.  Some of these poor babies had some sort of deformity or were very sick.  It was great too see that they were in good hands.                  
…..A post written by Sam Staunton…

A big challenge that we are still faced with, is trying to get the container that was sent from Australia 6 months ago released!  The law has changed here in Uganda and containers are taxed on the value listed on the manifest.  This means that they want to tax us around $13500.00!!  We have had 2 meetings now with our local MP (one in Kampala and one here at his home in Jinja) but are still in negotiations.  The President will be in the region next week and if we could get an audience with him, he may authorize tax exemption.  The other avenue our MP is following, is to get the customs department to ‘re-value’ the cargo and so drastically reduce the tax.  We would appreciate all your prayers.

Pray too for the team, as we continue to adjust to life here in Africa, and as we get involved with Ugandans in many different ways in the next week….

Friday, July 6, 2012

Cow-poo, Electrocutions and Birthdays!

Our second day of work started out much the same as the first, with two exceptions: Andrew was sadly absent due to an early appointment in Kampala; and it was the very special occasion of John’s birthday! A birthday card as a placemat was the beginning of much cheer for “Old” John (as opposed to “Young” John or “Tall” John!).  We enjoyed rolexes, chapattis, and rolls with Nutella. After three days, the jar is already half-empty!

Andrew spent the first part of the day in Kampala, meeting with government officials to try to release our container full of supplies without paying the enormous tax. Unfortunately he was unsuccessful. This is a definite prayer point for those praying at home – pray that a way will be made to get the container without paying enormous fees.
Closed mouth only work!!

For those remaining at the village, the same tasks were on the agenda today: rendering, digging and painting. We are becoming quite the experts in our various tasks! The trenches were completed and pipes are soon to be purchased. The doors and windows of the farmer’s house, along with the steel frames of the water tanks were all painted. The interior of the farmer’s house was rendered, along with some repairs to the other houses. The renderers are becoming very skilled in their job, learning all sorts of special techniques. The first skill we all mastered was that of keeping our mouths closed… otherwise we would learn of the gourmet taste of cow-poo, mud and tar. Yummy!
Ladder makes the job easier

Meanwhile, back at Suubi House, the painting of the deck railings was interrupted by a scary event… Jaz accidently stood on a temporary live wire and was given an electric shock. We are very grateful for all your prayers of protection, for Jaz is completely okay and back to her normal self.

We all enjoyed the company of the children again this afternoon. Although we are definitely more productive in the mornings, when most children are at school, it is a joy to spend time playing with the kids. Sam in particular spent time teaching the kids (and adults!) how to kick a Sherrin. Important skill to know.

Candles all out... time to eat
Dinner was eaten in a festive atmosphere with balloons and streamers festooning the walls. John’s birthday cake was a tall tower of cinnamon buns, and with Jaz’s help he managed to blow out the abundance of candles! Tomorrow will be a day of finishing off the various rendering and painting jobs, and we hope to complete the farmer’s house ready for Michael and his family to move in. We’re looking forward to it and we’re having a great time!  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Getting into it at Village of Hope

The roosters woke us at 6.30 to the smell of the chappatis and rolexs well underway for our breakfast. We were all keen and ready to get started at the Village, so we headed off with energy and enthusiasm. The focus for the day was 3 main tasks: rendering and painting the farmers house and digging trenches for the drainage and sewerage. 
Get that slop on!!
Rendering has a new meaning in Uganda. No tins of ready-made product from the shop. Rather a combination of bitumen, good red Ugandan dirt, a bit of lime and the magic ingredient cow poo, made a delightful mixture to slop on the walls.  The aim was to make a mixture that resembled ‘runny yoghurt’. If the mixture started to dry, very helpful and brave Ugandan men would come and rehydrate the mix with some diluted cow poo. Our main objective became avoiding the inevitable splashes as the broom heads hit the walls.   
Anyone can paint here....

Painting the house was a much safer task. We needed to paint all the metal surfaces to avoid rust: doors, window grates etc. A great job for the younger kids to really get into.
Those who can, show their muscles..
Those of us in the team that were feeling extra strong tackled the digging of the trenches. Eager to keep up with the energy of the Ugandans and armed with shovels and picks, they worked hard to move the sticky red dirt.
Feeling the love...
Great progress was made on Day 1. We relished in the chance to contribute something to the Village. But for many of us the highlight was meeting the preschool children after lunch. As we entered the gate, we were flooded with the most beautiful children, all full of smiles and joy. They clung to our hands, and didn’t let go. They showed us their beds, the farm, the swings. Their excitement to see us was overwhelming!   We came home tired, really dirty and really happy…ready to go again tomorrow!