Saturday, December 24, 2011

last week dec

We thank God for Schoolies team...
Schoolies team came in big mud with huge rain as unusual systems. God spoke to uncle Johann about drive ways. we thank God working through the team of Schoolies and Johann, as it was like a dream come true for  us. We did not need to live life parking our van every day at Suubi house when it rains. Thank God.

The entrance to Village of Hope looks great with a nice crossing over the drain - teh Schoolies worked very hard to make this happen - Praise God!


This is how far the community hall has gone now.The kids are always taking about and looking forward to having our x-mas meals in there.after we had several meetings in it since schoolies went back and Ron and Anne’s farewell.

We thank God for his faithfulness .we are looking forward to raising them within 2 to 3 months then sell them. After that we want to buy layers for eggs and more broilers to increase our farm income.
Its some hard job to do but we thank God who has helped us to have the birds after a long time of waiting .Everyone at the village especially the children are extremely  happy and working very hard to see their growth. We thank God for this addition .

 Chicks are now three old days and they are doing well.our boys are working so had here at the village.
We thank God again for the providion of the funds for this project through the Schoolies team - Praise God!

We left the village at 2pm and went to town  
with the mothers for a parenting workshop.
Theme of workshop : PARENTING IN GOD’S WAY: our speaker  introduced and explained the word parent as pa-rent = as we all know what God says about children as his gifts. So "par" - means  authority given to you as care taker, "renting" -  parents are just given responsibility of passing on care from God
It was really good for mothers to have workshop and to understand how God valves children as His heir so parent are in position of being accountable to God for raising ,shaping and preparing them for a life of service to God and humanity. This point raised questions from our mothers to understand more and the speaker was good enough to explain more with guidance of the bible references.
Biblical principle of parenting, role of parents, styles of parenting  Knowing your child, mothers couldn’t speak any more because they discovered that they had not known their children at all. After they raised a question to the teacher if he was willing to have another session with them and make follow up with them on weekly basis and have some one on one with each mother at least once a month.  The facilitators were Mr.and mrs Fred Mukasa, leaders of family ministry [ywam] and every home for Christ in Uganda.

Some meetings will be held in our new shelter besides the rock at village. And its now a beauty salon for the girls.The teams will also be having their Rolexes and breakfast in there, especially quite time, prayers for individuals and some small groups. etc

Comfy Chairs
Joy mounted  up in our kids when saw chairs on the  van today. Everyone was struggling to be the first to sit.

Thanks to the Schoolies, for helping each of our houses to become more comfortable and home...  it’s a blessing .

Ibra and maama agnes enjoying a cup of tea

Ugandan building crew has worked tirelessly  before Christmas time to make it ready for the upcoming team on 26/12/2011.

Glad for the new signpost. For it carries alot of meaning. Many have come in and have been blessed and many have have left and been blessings.Thanks to the last team - The Schoolies Team for this encouragement.

Overview of the driveway and Village!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another HopeBuilder gone home!

At the start of the day!

On the 27th November 2011 our Heavenly Father called home our good friend Bert Van Weeghel. Bert was a member of our third team to Uganda that was instrumental in completing the first two houses of the Village of Hope. Bert worked hard and didint mind "getting dirty for Christ?" While being one of the older members of the team, it didint stop him and he did his fair share and more.

Worshipping in Uganda

After returning from Uganda Bert did not stop, his love for the work in Uganda rubbed off on Coby and together they started campaigning amongst their camping friends and organised a number of opportunities for me to share the HopeBuilders story. This resulted in the raising of funds and awareness, of the orphans and widows in Uganda.

Whilst sitting on top of "The Rock" at the Village of Hope which now has 6 homes with 6 widows (mothers) and 49 children, I was fondly remembering the hard work of the teams and the investment of many like Bert who made the sacrifice and came to Uganda to "Help Break the Cycle of Poverty". Bert was a quiet guy who just went about doing what he did, he always said "I dont have much to give", but he gave of his all, from his heart and this was huge. To see these children laughing and playing and singing and praising God, is a true testament to the generosity of Bert and the many other supporters of HopeBuilders.

The HopeBuilders International board together with our friends in Uganda and all the children and mothers from the Village of Hope, THANK God for our friend Bert. To Coby you will be in our prayers and we also thank God for you and your support of our work. We will always remember Uncle Bert - A HopeBuilder - we will see you again soon in GLORY!

New Managers - Robert and Milly

Robert and Milly - New managers of Village of Hope
This is the first post by the new managers of the Village of Hope. We trust that you will be blessed by the many items of news that will be posted here. We look forward to your comments and we thank you for your prayers for the work here.

We look forward to seeing many of you visit us in Uganda - you will be most welcome.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Halfway Mark!

The sun beginning to rise!
 The morning started with an early wake-up and a walk up the mountain opposite the Village of Hope at 5am. When we got up to the top after walking around 40 minutes we were treated with an awesome panorama of Jinja and surrounds as well as right in front of us the Village of Hope. As the sun began to rise the group started to worship with Joel on guitar and this was an amazing God moment. The team also reflected on the trip so far and how good our Great God has and had been to us.

The Village of Hope in the middle of the landscape
 Having been to Uganda many times since the start of HopeBuilders, this was the first time I had personally been up to the top of what has become affectionately known as "monkey mountain", and this was quite special in a number of different ways. I was looking down at the Village and there were 26 young people (the Schoolies team) in my line of sight, it was as if I was looking through them at the Village and we had all just the night before, experienced an awesome time of devotion with all our wonderful children of the village. There was something about this timing and I think God was saying this is how the HopeBuilders story is going to continue, this was about generations and dreams and visions to young, younger and not so young.
An amazing panorama of God's creation
It was special!

Through the day we saw the completion of the house that the schoolies team started just last week - yes it is now ready for the roof which will be put on by locals.. maybe before we leave!
Praying in the new block of land for the new school
 The day ended with anither amazing event that could only have been timed and orchestrated by God. The Schoolies team walked through and around the recently purchased land that will see a new school built - they also prayed over this land and claimed it for Christ and prayed for a blessing upon all that will learn and grow to maturity as leaders on this land and through this school.

Ron and Anne in traditional
Ugandan outfits

This was a special moment especially for Ron and Anne Matheson, in whom God had placed this vision and dream and together with HopeBuilders and the blessing of God, they will take it forward into reality. Ron and Anne have played a very special part in the ongoing development and growth of the Village of Hope and the ministry of HopeBuilders in Uganda. We have seen the completion of 6 houses now and in the next couple of days ALL 6 will be filled with children and mothers. We have seen the building of Suubi House and amazing home for our visiting teams and others that may want a guest house. We will soon have a new Village Meeting Hall and we have seen many community families and individuals released from the cycle of poverty through engagement in the ministry of Suubi House and facilitated in commencing enterprises of their own. Ron and Anne will be returning to Australia a day after the Schoolies team leaves for their safari - they will continue to minister in Uganda with HopeBuilders and through the school in particular through short term visits, so their story will continue albeit in a dufferent manner. I would like to thank Ron and Anne for their generousity and love to the teams and to the work of HopeBuilders - they have modelled true selflessness and been Jesus to many. This community here in the Village of Hope and around it has been impacted and will bear fruit to their endeavours and sacrifices made in their time here. Thank you "Uncle Ron" and "Aunty Anne" you are most welcome thank you for your good work :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Schoolies progress...!

The whole team at the Source of the Nile
The Schoolies team have made some incredible progress at the Village of Hope and they have managed to fit in a whole lot more.

On Sunday we visited the Source of the Nile and witnessed where the Nile River starts it's 4000km long journey. We also enjoyed a little boat ride on the Nile and also into Lake Victoria.

This was also the day that we celebrated Tayla's birthday which also included dinner out at a restaurant - great day!

The team on the marker that marks
the start of the 4000km
The building continued and the team has managed to get the house up to the ring beam and they are quite confident of finishing all the brick work in the next day or so ready for the roof. They have also put in a new culvert drain at the entrance to the Village of Hope which means no more bottoming out of vehicles as they drive in. The driveway is also now looking "very smart" with gravel and drains on either side.
The house ready for the ring beam
 The team has also interacted a lot with the mothers and the children, with our Schoolies being taught African dances, how to make paper beads, how to make chapattis and learning first hand a bit more of African life and culture.

Today the team also visited the Jinja Main Prison - what an eye opener. We were escorted in after having to leave behind all our wallets, cameras and phones. As we entered the prison there were over 500 prisoners sitting on mats and gathered around. There was a mini sound system setup and the team proceeded to minister to these inmates - it was explained to us that the inmates with the white shirts were the condemned men (death row) and the yellow shirts were the others. There were about 1/3 in white shirts!

Winnie and Jane having some quiet
time in the new Rock Hut

The team did an awesome song with songs and Andrew B shared a message and then the team paired off and had the opportunity to pray for inmates as they responded to the Word - this was amazing. We then shared in a volley ball match with the inmates - probably the largest captive audience (sorry!!) we have ever played in front off.

Another highlight was also sharing in the devotion time at our Village of Hope - what a priviledge. To see our kids leading in worship and prayer that was truly from the heart and then our ENTIRE Schoolies team gathered around and prayed for the kids of theVillage of Hope - unforgettable - and it was all in front of the ROCK!

So many memories and we are only half way!
Open air devotion time with the Village of Hope

Monday, December 5, 2011

Worship in Uganda

WOW! What an awesome day today with the terrific Schoolies Revolution team. We woke up to balloons and streamers all in honour of Tayla's 18th birthday.. after breakfast we went to church and this was an amazing experience with our wonderful Village of Hope children - who greeted as we walked up. The entire team had to introduce themselves to the entire church and then we had the priviledge of seeing some of our older girls leading worhsip as part of the worship team. The younger boys also ministered in a couple of songs and Samuel and Paul were the stars... Paul who now wants to be a singer with the stage name of "Paul Boy" was fantastic :) Here is a little glimpse of what you all missed out on...

The whole worship experience was incredible and the whole team loved it. The rest of the day saw us enjoying some amazing chocolate cake made by Lucy (our Ugandan Suubi house cook) and a lovely lunch. Then it was off to the Source of the Nile - yes this where the 4000 km journey starts for the Nile River, and then dinner at 2 Friends... not a bad way to spend a day! Tomorrow it back to them mudbricks and digging and raking and working - sounds like an even better day than today!! :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Schoolies Revolution in Jinja

The SR brick line

The start..!
Looking good...!
Well we are here..  22 young people, 4 leaders and 2 board members.. The team have been awesome and they ahve already made an impact in the 4 days that they have been here. They have made huge progress on the house being built, they have resurfaced the road in the Village of Hope and they have helped get the new community shelter well underway to completion. Today was also a visit to the Kikaramoja slum which was an incredible experience - our young team did an amazing job. While it was a very confronting day, the team were fantastic and our debrief was a truly God moment. We got a glimpse of what breaks God's heart every day. Tomorrow we will be visiting Hope Community High School in the morning and then continuing our building in the afternoon. We will also complete our road with a drain at the gate, this will stop cars bottoming out as they enter our driveway. This is truly an incredible journey and I am so priviledged to be on it and sharing it with these amazing young people. You can follow this journey with a day-to-day blog at 

Team eating on deck of Suubi House

New shelter by "the rock"

Kikaramoja doing a skit!
Kikaramoja slum visit