Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The village of hope has been blessed with a volunteer from austria. she is a young lady by names of miss elisabeth! she came to know of us through ywam(youth with a mission) where she resides! she has a passion for the children therefore she would like to devote her afternoons at the village when some of the kids are back from school by teaching them memory verses, playing board games with them and making them feel loved!!!
just like elisabeth,,the lord might be calling you to stand with the village of hope in any way,you could offer your time to be with the kids,there are lots of activities you can involve in,like teaching them about jesus,teaching the kids english,helping administratively,or even sponsering a house,in any way your help is highly appreciated! diversity of gifts will help build the ministry fast!!

elisabth helping one of the kids with homework

the famous swing,however,theres a specific time we allow them to go and play.

the admin block is in the process of roofing,the guy roofing it had some health problem but he has resumed work

sharon looking very attenttive in class

sameul in class

kids having lunch
greetings again from uganda!! the kids and mothers say helllo! they are doing well,some are getting used to their new school enviroment! since its our priority to educate our children, we've partnered with joy primary school where our kids attend!!
Its a christian rular school but offers good education to the kids.
every day we have to make sure our kids have their breakfast and off they run to school,the school is nearby so they dont have to move longer distances, at lunch they are treated to a wonderfull meal,you should be there to watch them when they walk in the gate,they are anxiously waiting to be served their lunch which has been prepared by the mothers....after lunch those in upper primary go back for their afternoon lessons as the rest take a nap, this is the daily life at the village!!!the next thing is the swing,they love it so much!!after this its wash up then home work,the mothers are doing a tremendous job making sure our kids develop well,keep praying for them!with your support we are able to keep these lovely kids in school!! thank you once again!!

brenda with friends in class

fiona at the extreme end attentive in class

paul writing

racheal always serious..she likes writing and drawing!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

seasoned greetings from the village!!

ibra in a yellow tshirt with pals at school

i bring greetings from the village of hope! losing casey was a great blow to village of hope indeed, we pray that his soul will rest in eternal piece.
life at the village continues as usual,with kids being away in the mornings,the mothers have time to rest and do their work, cook food,so that kids come back to a nice lunch at 1:00 O clock.

our youngest kids at the village begun their pre school.(ibra,rose and shamina) we have a near by pre-school at ywam(youth with a mission). its a wonderfull christian preschool school. educating these kids will be made very easy if you also join hands and help keep these wonderfull kids in school!!!

thats debra in a bowen tshirt with rose in a striped pink tshirt. they were at school.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A sad day for Hopebuilders..

CASEY VANDERZAAG - 14th January 1957 - 31st January 2010

Today was a sad day for HopeBuilders International as we said goodbye to our friend Casey Vanderzaag. Our sincere and deepest sympathies go out to his lovely wife Sue and his children Katie, Andy and Amy and also to the rest of his amazing family. Casey was a member of the very first team to go to Uganda and he was a huge part of the successful building of the first of our homes in the Village of Hope. Casey will forever hold a special place in the history of HopeBuilders. Casey lived out the essence of what HopeBuilders is right through his struggle with cancer, always instilling hope in everyone and challenging even the nurses and staff as to where their hope lies.

The HopeBuilders logo shows a ladder rising up with the cross as the foundation. Our dream is to allow orphans and widows to rise up/climb up out of the current situation to a new hope and future which is founded in the cross and Jesus. Casey was a testament to this dream throughout his whole life - his generosity and love for those less fortunate was a blessing. His ability to give time to almost anyone and to make them feel like they were the most important - a VIP - at that moment when he was talking to them was a gift.

The HopeBuilders International board together with our friends in Uganda and all the children and mothers from the Village of Hope we THANK God for you Casey. We thank your wonderful family for continuing to support us. We will always remember Mister Kesh - The HopeBuilder - we will see you again soon in GLORY!