Saturday, April 18, 2015

Village of Hope Happenings

With just a week to breakoff for first Term Holidays...Every child is excited and their fingers kept crossed thinking about how their performances will be.
The Village is good and its occupants doing well ,from Children,Mothers, and everyone.
With new measures in place, children's discipline is bettering day by day ,the boys are working well with me and much more helpful than before. Girls are friendly and often help mothers with home cores.
Youth Support Uganda ,under Hope builders are organizing an EMPOWER Program for the High School girls ,this we hope will be very helpful to the Youngsters. For the little ones its always enjoying the village from lots of eating, praying ,learning and stuff.
Setting children aside, enjoyment in the Village of Hope is not only exclusive to children, but also to the mothers and everybody living in here. Our Newest mother Mama Alice talks about how her life has changed in just a short period in the Village. Mamas Ayisha and Rose also talk about the goodness of being in the Village and thank God for changing their lives.
About the children's performance this term, we shall  you update in the Progress report when they get their Report cards from Schools next week.
All our thanks go to our generous sponsers for working tirelessly to Break the Cycle of Poverty in Uganda.
Thank you sooooo much...