Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the village of hope goat with her bouncing kid(we were blessed with a new baby kid, both mother and son are in good condition)

smiling faces of the children in their school uniform-i have good reports from their teachers.

derrick with pals

thats ibra with rose

the sweet potatoe garden.

here are some prayer points i would like you to pray for us.

pray that the lord will help the children to grow in stature,wisdom and favor with God and man.

pray that the lord will guide our every step we take in making the lives of these little ones better.

pray that these children shall be oaks of righteousness wherever they go.

pray that they will shine forth hope every where they go.

pray for divine provision,that sponsors of each house shall be raised,so that these children development is guaranteed.

thank God for the divine health,the good mothers and the team here.

pray for Robert(the director here in uganda) and his family.

pray that this place-the village shall be fruitful and a blessing to many lives

life at the village of hope

Being part of of this great ministry is indeed a great blessing, and watching the lives of these little ones forever changed makes our hearts glad! the lord has been so gracious to the village of hope, with great abundance of rain,the mothers have done a great job in planting some crops which will help feed the kids,we hope to have an abundance of food in 3 months to come. we have sweet potatoes which are doing well, vegetables which are waiting to be transplanted into the vegetable garden already prepared.
The village is truly a place where the hungry have been fed,where the naked have been clothed. By taking one step at a time,the life of one child in need will be changed.
we would wish to see more and more lives changed for the better,but this takes all of us to be part of this great vision! part of the sweet potato garden flourishing!

one of our lovely puppies that keeps the site alive.

mwanje in one of his small "gardens"

vegetables awaiting transplanting!

one of the nursery beds with a variety of vegetables

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The village of hope

hello partners, we would like to thank you for being faithfull followers o the blogs, lots of developments are taking place on the site...and as the plan is,to make every village of hope self sustaining!! as is the case,its one step at a time! the vegetable garden is in process,we already have enough land to grow enough vegetables which shall be consumed at the village of hope and rest could be sold to the community!! we also believe these vegetable gardens will be model gardens where the community will come and borrow a leaf to practice in their homes. This will bring about community transformation in the long run, hence the community shall be healthier.

since the kids came into the village, there has been a great improvement in there lives, here at the village of hope we believe in the holistic development of the child, these kids are catching up on in their dreams which they had lost!!! they now have an opportunity to attend school. They can now recite the alphabet,count numbers and their teachers give a good report about their studies.

I took this photo when the kids were going back for extra coaching after lunch,the school is a few meters from the village of hope!! by being one of the sponsors of a house.you will be changing the life of a child who could have grown up with no education. currently we have two houses, with 8 children in each!

The mothers (mother lois in a purple dress and mama Agnes in a brownish sleeveless)are doing an amazing job at the village of hope, they have not only been mothers to these precious children,they have greatly buillt these children' spiritual lives greatly! in this picture,the mothers were making paper beads! lovely necklaces and breacelets come out of these papers!!!

This is one of the nursery bed of different vegetables, ranging from spinach,lettuce,carrots, egg plants,tomatoes etc...

Thanks lots for the great support you render to this great vision the lord birthed. its a big vision with a big team!! you could be part of this amazing work in uganda!